Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceit fulneffe of mews heart. 141 own honour to be performed by-his fubjc as and not leave it free to every country clown to do as they lift : and (hall wee, farre more unable to let down any fafhions for Gods Religion, than the rudeft ru- flick for a Kings civili worfhip ; fhall wee I ny rake upon us to determine ought ofour (elver, in Gods worship ? Men have thought it a dilparage- ment tothem , when their Cervant being comman- ded to doe Come thing, have done otherwife; .no, yet in contempt, but becaufe they did fee that o ther way, which they took, to bee Letter for the 'r Matters purpoCe, than that which was commander them. Cr ws called his MaCon to be whipped , fo that being commanded to lend him the grearel malt, hee Cent him the leffe, only becaufe he knew it to be fitter for the turn whereto he would tale it. Doe mzn thus hand upon it ? fnoliJh men, will they have their own wayes followed, without giving place to the better cou'les of their in feriours . and can God, whole foolifhaef is wirer than our bell wiCcdome, can he take it well,that our folly fhould thus take head to it Celle , preCuming to check and corre& his v ildome ? Agai: It the frond Table there are alto many de- ceits; as, That every man bee for himlelfe, an, make the moil of his own , and doe with his own as he lift, that the Officioris &"fporting lie is nothing whereas, Galt. a. o. wee muff not fpeak truth tc pleale men,much leffe then -lie; hat it is the fign of a bale minde to put up an in¡ury,which yet the S rip. cure termech our glory, & an hundred filch like. But me thinks it is ur,favory raking in this dunghil',let us there- Ttir fecond. Prov.9.Ir.