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I42 The deceitfulneffe of Mans heart. therefore leave this point, and come to the hearts judgement of affehions after they be done, and fee how that alfo is deceitfull. 2E2EVEISM s°;}aJt.7. Vi1t.-. wZEn:>/38 CHAP. XI1. The erecei fuf!judgement of the heart in cenfiuring our it!ions already done, and morefpecially the Ihi ft,r it ufeth for excufing offtnfull ac!ions. Owit is deceitfull,not only in the fentence it pafreth upon evill anions, but alto upon good. z Forgood actions, two wayes: £rft, by condem- ning the innocent, and accufing us for them,as Wu e had finned '5 as when an 4nabaptifisconfcience accu- feth him for (wearing before a lawful! Magiftrate, lawfully exalting it;when a Papift for eating an egge in Lent: fecondly,byfetting che good we have done at fo high a rate, making a great deale ofnothing. 2 For evill aborts, the judgement of our hearts is deceitfull two wayes.. Firff, in juftifying the guilty , acquitting us for them as if wee had done well ; as chofe our Saviour fpeaketh of,that fhould judge of the murther of the Apoftles,as ofgood fervice performed to God.And this deceit is the fironger, if the finne be happy in fuccefre. Then vile wickedneffe (hall be graced with the name of virtue it felted Dioeryfies after his fpoile of an Idols temple, finding the winds favourable in his navigation ; Loe,faidhe,how the Gods approve of Sacriledge. Hee blefi'ed himfelfe in his fuppofsd fa- z In cenfures of r Good, r Condcm. ning. z over-pri- .King them. z Evil!, by r Iufiifying them. Felix fcelus virtus vecatuY. Tullius de di_ vin.l.i,