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i 6o The deceit fislnef1e of mans heart. 4 Vpon condi- tion of life, and pray all night, then by praying all the day time rob his perfonall calling of ità due time : Why then fliould our particnlar callings be fo unkinde as to en croach upon our genera calling, and to take from it that little time of the morning and evening, not con- tent with her own fo large allowance : like the rich man in Nathan parable, that Bole from the poor man his one only fheep , having many of his own, It had been more tolerable for the poor man to have taken one of the rich mans. And ofthe two it is more allowable for the general, calling, to make b z. Id with the time of our perfonall, than contrarily: both becaufe our general, calling bath not the tithe of that time which the perforrall hath,as alfo,becaule the works of this calling are far more worthy and excellent, as chore which directly and immediately refpeet God himfell. And yet thou wouldeft not al- low this for a juft excufe in him that all the fix dayes hat-la negle&ed his particular calling, that he did at- tend all that while Prayer, Reading, Meditation: How then Mould thine own negle& of Gods Cer- vice upon the Sabbath, and the mornings & evenings of other dayes bee excufed ? thinkeft thou by the following of thy worldly occafions ? For as under pretence of prayer and meditation wee may not be- come Mon4r, and wholly give over occafions in the world :fo neither under pretence of our worldly o- cafrons,may we become prophane Worldling!, and wholly forfake the worfhip of God. O hers blame the condition oftheirlife: ® fay they we are poor men , that have nothing to live by Cave thefe hands. Can we needy handi- crafts-men, or