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The deceitfulnefe of Manf heart. 161 orpoore labourers be Diviner? Yea fo much the ra- 1.1"vp11"1-4ae xlpo1ixpss op they, faics Chryfofiome, may you praáife true divini 4 ,, s 0,. ty. When wrath, envy, and other fuch like corrupt cote p.chryr. pions fhould be curbed,doth poverty then let thee? henz.zt. adtop. or are riches able to mailer and mortifie fuch affeái_ Ant. ons ?Doth poverty hinder Ghee from being humble, Cofer, temperate, watchfull in prayer ? or is is not rash r a great furtherance to thee in all thefe?Doth not poverty ferve to tame and meeken thee, to take down thy pride,to prick thee to prayer ? Or what virtue is there that needeth money for the pra1ice thereof? Thou wilt fay,liberality: yea,but even this virtue allo, faith that father, bath fhined more brightly by reafon ofpoverty :The poore widowes two mires were a better aimes than all the refs of the richer fort. See then how thou flandereff thy po- verty, the miffreffe of fo many virtues. Remember S. Paul a pooreTent- maker, and yet no leffe holy in Ms ß83. hisfhap among his tents, than in his fiudy among bis Ti Books and Parchments s and by his example learne n.4,3 how thy fhop may be ufed, even as an Oratory, or tip wpas. place ofgreateft devotion. Never tell meth han- p!w 7 tipya. . Y s péW d'uuñQn dy labours abffra& thy minde from heavenly medi- isavpyáeó9ai rations. Paula Tent-maker, working with his hands, Phi1,3.2a. could yet fay,0ur converfation is in heaven : Never complaine of the pinches of poverty, that they lay thee open to the Devils temptation. Who ever ri- cher than A14m in Paradif ? Who ever poorer than lob on the Dung -hill ? yet in Paradìfe Sat han foyled c.9damJ, on the Dung-hill, lob foyled Saban. We11,if the fault be only in poverty, and not in thine owne corruption ; then give thee a more libe- M rail