Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

162, 4k Vpon out- ward occaG_ ons. I'a207oY óa 7ó ä7rä0ac6r 74 ëx7aS cCAAátii d'vlapéu3ñ. paloY pla dTa 7róY 79té7rdY. .E th. 3. Iob4I. Prof. z3:a. . Mar. 18. 9. Ad pop....ínt. Ji The deceitfielneje of mans heart. rail portion of there outward things, and wee ilráll fee thee mend prefently : And fo happily thou per fwadeft thyfelfe; but how deceitfutty, the miferable experience of o- may reach thee,who, of poore becomming rich, have wichall of naught become we rfe. In the fift place, ye fhll heave fome transferring the fault upon the outw.trdoccafons whereby they were enti(ed to finne ; not confideringg, that the outward objel1s t!- emfelves are dumbe, and fay nothing, and that it is onely their own corruption chat entifeth them : For they that have made a cove- nant withileir eyes; as lob did, they can looke upon the wine when it fparlleth in the glee, and not in. ordinately long to drinke : they can behold faire and beautiful women,and yet not intemperatelylufi after them. They that have put the kn1ftofmortficat on to their throats,can fit at a rulerstable,fwimming with all manner of dainties, and yet not exceed the bounds of fobriety. What ? mutt the table be accu- fedzno,thine own appetite : ThrufI(faith solomon)thy knife, not into the table, but into Mine orote throat : So, mufi'worraen be taken away ? nog but chine own eye, that is, the corruption in thine eye, faith our Saviour : This caufeth thee to offend. Chryfoffonte having faid, the beautyof a woman is agreat fnare, prefently corres hirnfelfe , nay rather, faith heel not 4 woman;, beauty, but a mans lulling looke. Let tie not accufe things, but our[lves ; let us not fay, let there be no women,but let there be no adultery ,and for- nication ; neitheir let us fay, let there not be a bellj, but let there not be gluttony, &c. sixtly,