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14 Mark ,I.z4. Beza in hum locum. Iohn 7. Pfalm.sy. Prov.z95. t San/618.2'i. The deceitfulnefe of mans heart. ceits, the Devil : Who fometimes will needs be- come a Preacher of the truth,as when he faid,Thefr are the fervants of themoll high God 01...refucofNa- zaret, I & ow mho thou art, even the holy one e fGod : but yet he then plotteth mifchiefe, thinking by one truth, to convey and winde into our minds an hua. dred lies. Thus truth is maáe to-uther falfhood : for even in thole his fugred glozing yords,wherein he preacheth Chrift the Saviour ofthe world,íc is eafie to fpie out rrarre in his heart : for it is to be marked, how he calleth him Jefus of Nazaret , thereby to nourifh the error of the multitude, chat thought he was borne there,and fo not the Mejah, whole birch they all knew ought to be at Bethlem. Iefur then; and the holy one ofGod, are butter and oyle,as was of terward, Good mafter,thot, regardeft no mans perfon; but Iefus of Nazaret, that is a fro() rd, as was aft er- ward, Is it lauvfull togivetributecAnd fo that which Salomon fpeaketh of the flatterer,thac he ffreaieth a net before hip brother' feet, is true in thofe flattering fpeeches the devill fometimes giveth the truth : in- deed he doch but let a fnare to catch the truth in : As Saul,a good Schollerin his Schoole,did for Da: vid, in giving him Michhl to wife:I will give himher, faith he,that !he may be afnare unto him,andthat the hand of the Philifiims may be upon him. Here is a goodly fhow of 1peciall favour and good will, even fuch,as fisnple David was in a manner ravifhed with it, to thinke that his meanneff'e Mould be honoured with fo great a marriage : Buck is but a bait, cove- ring the hooke, honey - poyfon. Thefe of all other are the mofi. fecret deceits, which are thusmantled and