Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceitfulneffe of mans heart. and Masked with the dilguiled pretences offpeciall love and kindnefl'e. And therefore Salomon not ig- norant hereof, when he commends bounty and mu- nificence in a Prince, he affociates truth thereto. Bounty and truth ¿o = guar dth ?King, that is to fay, a true (not a treacherous) bounty : for there is a falfe and lying bounty, deceiving ihofe on whom it is bellowed : And as in the Proverbe, there are gift - le, gifts a filch as was that of Saul to David; Bread in one hand, a (tone in the other. Infinite were h to fpeake all that might be fpoken here : It is Co corn mon a pra&iCe in the world, yea, and it is counted rci fdome for men thus to voile their intents' with pre - tsnces.,their meaning with their words,that the truth may bethought falfr, and fal`hood true. When they meane to flrilfe the head with one hand, they will firftfiroke it with the other; or,as he fayes,with one hand roil they claw on the head,nith the other friaite on the cheekT he tale- bearer when he comes to let his brothersgood name at fale,how cunningly, how ar. tificially will he traduce ? meaning to bite hisbro ther,he will firft 4 ffc him.But well did salmon pre fer a friends wounds before filch kigs;for rhefe kifpes are Iodas kifl'es:They wound rortally,the other me dicinally,T herefore excellently doth Salomon cha- rter him, The words of the whi¡ierer (as Tremelius reads it) are like to the words of thof that are often knocked, but they gee down to the bowels ofthe belly. so deeply doe they pierce.When he begins firft to open his packe, he will fetch a deepe figh , pro - fefling, that becaufe of his great love to the party, he is very forry for him; and fo at length with a fat, countenance, I5 Max oscultio. res infidie, quis hae qux latent in fou_ latiene e/ficii aut in aliquo neceftudinis nomine. Tull. de am'e. Prov. uo. zS. explained. Ll:7guúd'wpu, Sapientia bu jus munch e(1, cor machinatieni- bus tegere, fen - (unt verbis ve- lare, gins f il jz fient vera alien- de, e, qua vera [ont (alfa de- monftrare.Gre. yo-sep it Vs 4vós sevd'pas 7 i Kuiu 75)P XÆ1 pain TOLTet 4- pot glua rap/., gui, ?Ñ d zraíot i%w Acetatc1V. G re. ad Eufebi Prov.8.8. cleared,