Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

z6 The deceitfulnejfe of mani heart. Vehementerdo- leo, quia vehe- menter diligo. fltque fie cum meelto vultu oculis clemis, CUM qiradam tar ditate, & vocis plangitis, proceda mal e- dülioi3ernard. Luker8. Sed ne hoc grafi. dem profetlò fuff cit ei; non enim gratiarum apio eftaliú ex- probrae edelüia, fuper cos qui peccaverunt,ja- tlanter infor- gere. Eccle f e nomine armamini, & contra Eccief- am dimicatis. 'Las and Mo- numents,Vol.a in the begin- ning of Lu- thers tory, countenance,with eyes caft down e,with a Glow and lamenting voice, as though the offence of his bro- ther were to him as a blow with a cudgell out comes the flander : Loe, a cunning cranke of deep and devillifh deceitfulnes,fo to difguiCe murthering malire,that is (hall be taken even for motherly merc); to lament and cry,as if himfelfe were beaten,whilft he with the Ccourge of his viperous tongue unmer- cifully lafheth others. So allo under the colour of wale and hatred a- gainft fin,doe Tome cover their hatred againft mens perfons,in the bitter cenfuring of them : And o- thers under the colour of giving thanks unto God, hide their vaife ottentation of their owne vernies, as that Pharifee, that laid ; Lord, I than(e -thee, Iam not as this Publican. But as Chryfoflorne fayes, this would notferve his turne :far it is no thanfgiving to upbraid others faults, and boafiingly to infialt over thole that have clone ami7. But here we fhould doe the Church of Ronne injury to leave her our, who indeed carrieth away the bell from all others in this kinde of deceitful) painting and colouring : under the name of Chrifts Spoufe,playing the filthy Harlot ;under the title of the Church, fighting again ft the Church; under the colour of Religion, taking away the vigor of it, and in a word, making the fhesrofgodlineffe to be onely a cloa4e of tric&ednele. I would rather let out this in Matter Foxes words, than in mine owne, he bath fo lively and in the right colours defcribed, or rather deformed this Monfter, thus writing of her, `t As in dot tine, fo in order of life, and deepe hy- pocrifie