Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceitfielneff of man; keeled «pocrifie was fhe corrupted,doing all things under cc pretences& diffembled titles.Vnder the pretence " of peter. chaire, the exercifed a Majeftie above cC emperors &Kings:under the vifor of their vowed " chaftity,raigned adultery:under the cloak of pro - ccfeffed poverty,theypoffefled the goods ofthe tem- "poralty :underthe title of being dead to theworld, "they not only raigned in the world, but alto ruled `ache world:under the colour of the keys of heaven "to hang under their girdle,they brought all the e- "ftates of the world under their girdle,& crept,not `only into the purfes of men,but a lfo into their con. "fciences : they heard their confef ions,they knew "their fecrets,they difpenfed as they were difpofed, `Cand loofed what them lifted.And fo much for the firft deceitful! diflimulation of evill to be done. The fecond is, when the evil! which we are re-a.. dy to doe,is yet by a fubtill kinde of violence, kept in, fo that it comes not forth into the outward aft. Thus many there are,that politiquely,by a fmooth and dole carriage, fmother and prefl'eán many of their vices,which if they fh.ould break forth,might hinder them in their defignes or delires. An exam ple we have in Haman, who, though inwardly he levelled with malice against Mordecai, becaufe of his ftiffe knee,and (tout heart; yet, as the Scripture Cayes; he refrained hitnfeife ; he brake not forth into any diftemper of words, but craftily concealed and confined his anger within the bounds of his owne bofome, leaft otherwife the fucceffe of his bloody plot, already affented to by the King, might have beene kindred ; when as by this meanes, the grofle C abufe 17 Therecond, from being done. Eiter s.zo.