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Maxima pars ham'mnum banc wrens habet : Quod fbi vo- fant , dam id impe. rant,boni 'fort : Jdidubi penes re;babest; ex bonis ?Om; &. f+audulenttf Tim fsnt.Plau- ; 49l inlighcned. Pride a prifo- ner, and Pride a rite maw. The deceitfulneffe of mane heart. abufe of the King in his falle fuggeftions againft the Jewes, and feigned pretences of the publick good,' would Toone have come to light, and that the true ca' fe was but a matter of private fpleene againft Mordecai. Thus many, whilft they are in petition of Tome office, or in expeftation of Come profit or preferment, how witty, how wily are they in the diffembling of their greedy, griping, cruel], ambi- tious, avaricious, and other vitious difpofirions, which might make any rub in their way ? There are not fo many, nor fo cunning devices for the hi. ding ofa .:turallinfrrmitiesof the body (as the croo- kedneffe of the legges,or backe, want ofa tooth,or an eye, or fuch like) ús in fuch cafes the deceitful] heart will finde out for the hiding ofthe usmaturall deforiiitie,rofthefoule.But let once theirdeliires be granrel, then they fhew themfelves; then the wa- ters before ftopt and dammed up,runne over, and rage furionfly. Hence it was that the Prophet well acquainted with the craft of thefe foxes, prays, Lei not the trickedhavebrs defireao Lord perforIx not his thought left he be proud. Why, was he not proud before ? Yes, in his very wifhes he was proud, but then pride was locked up and imprifoned 3 now his defire being farisfied, it would walke abroad and play reaks. The meaning then of the Pro - phet is, that the wicked, that before the obtain- ment of his purpofe, was proud inwardly, but yet in pol"icie repreffed it, would now be proud out- wardly, and open theflood- gates, that the current might runne amaine. And furely fo it is oftentimes, that as Saul hid himfelfe in the ftuffe, when-he was to