Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceiufulneff of grans heart. to be chofen King ; fo the wicked in the like cafes, when they look,either by eleEtion,or other means, to get this or that,very clofely hidexthough not with Saul, themfelves,yet their filthy fture and baggage within ; and that with no leffe fubtill fleights,than once Rachel hid the Idols, Rahab the Spies : They will make even chofe that do more narrowly mark them, beleeve, that they have difcarded, and Pent away packing thofe corruptions, which yet lie fe- cretly harboured in the clofets of their hearts. As nabob bore the lerichuntines in hand the ifraelites' were gone away, when as they lay hid under the ftalks of Flax, upon the roofe of the houfe : Such fialkr of Flax, fuch cloak! ofßianae, as the Apoftle . , Tx xpvrlx fpeaketh, as it were the torne ragges, and worne zfu14xe"r {hoots of thofe guilefull Gibeonites, have all inch that walk craftily, to hide their fllthinelfe from the loam '.q.. eyes of the world. In which regard,the Scripture very fitlyhath called them a generation of vipers ;for Matth.3.1' as the Viper hath his teeth buried in his gums, fo P nl''t`'37. that one would think it were a harmleffe beaft, and could not bite; fo alfo have thefe deceitful) hypo- crites their fecret corners St conveyances,wherein they fo cunnin glycouch their wickednetfe,that one would take them, ofall others, to be molt inno- cent. To this appertaineth that fimilitude of our Saviour, L41 1.44. Woe be toyer? Scribes and Phari- Lak.n.44. fe;,hjpocrió es, for ye areas graves which appeare not, °paned. and the men that walkover them,perceive not. As the deepe grave hides the üinking carkaffe, and keeps in -the ftench from offending any mans fmell, that men walke over them, and yet never perceive the C 2 evill 19