Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceitfislneffc of manas heart. 29 on, to be dragona, and yet the lambs horns mu ft on, and that as once among the Jewes, many rude un- lettered and unnurtured rufticks wore the rough E tch.I3.ç. garments of the Prophets, namely to deceive.Some Painters have had fuch a gift in the lively expref- fing of the formes of birds and other beafts, that true birds and living beafts have beene deceived in taking them for their mates.But the hypocrite puts dowse the painter : for by his glozing and glifte- ring fhewes, in all outward works he doch fo per - fe &tly reCemble the true Chriftian, that he cecei- veth, not as the Painter, filly birds, but reafonable men ; yea, learned and experienced Chriftians. Whence it commeth to paf e, that as the borie ti t. neighed at the pifture of a horfe, as if it had been a iE true home, and as the calfe in the Epigram, went Hypocrites to fucke the teats of a painted cow; fo even Come- outwardly may time the wife{t Chriltians, alike deceived with the not as far fanher) counterfeits, embrace and entertaine them as their than the beft llowes, thinking to fuck Tome fweetnefie ofgrace Ciari(tians. Vt gal cnduai out ofthem.l: or as the /Egyptian Juglers outwardly inflater( reprefented Mofes miragdes, and fo deceived Pb- a d;cunt & facz- raohe Co do hypocrites the pietie_and zeale of C hri- ant grope playa . e ftians, and thereby bleare the eyes Of the godly. animo.Hor. Nay, oftentimes, as falle gold in gliftering goes be- Adnfraio qurim and true ; and once their hiredmour ners in la- famtisefiamia- y tia: non ¿mita- mentatien, beyond the deceafed parties 'ovine tar tantrim it- friends ; and fawning flatterers in outward corn- tam, fed vincit plements of friendfhip,,beyondtrue friends them -17é tip 41- felves; fa many hypocrites in outward. worksfeem Ingeniofior di to carry it away from the foundec..f Chrrftians. Ur' ' adm` fmM;an- pocrífie, though k be but the Ape of Chriftiánitie ' vcritate. Nip. and