Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

30 The deceitfulareffe of mans heart. and propoundeth it onely for outward imitation, yet here for all that,the imitationexceedeth in fome points thefimple,the piAture the pattern.Is the true Chriftian hotin prayer? he will fweat. Is he fome- thingmore forrowfnll ?he will weep &Unbder.In prea- ching cries he ? he will roar. In hearing doth he but lift up his band ? he will lift up his voice. Doth he Luk.ta. butfight foftlyihe will cry out antaine.Doth he run? Efay sE, he willgaUop.Doth the true - hearted Publican look with his eyes on the ground ? the hypocritical! Lewes will hang downe their heads like Bulruftles, when yet their hearts ftand upright enough. Doth Matth.6. Timothy weaken his conftitution by abftinence ? a'p"v' the Pharifea will never give over till his complexi- t Cor,9.tr. on be wholly withered and wanzed. Doth Paul correh his body with milder correáion, as it were 7° Tama. a blow on the cheek ? the fefitite will martyr his fides wii h his feverer difcipline of Scorpions: Whi- ther will not pride & vain -glory fpur on the hypo- crite ? Gods glory carries the fincere Chriftian no further than to Martyrdoms ; there is the higheft Hypocrites pitch of outward workes performable by a Chri- may ruffer ftian ; and yet vain -glory drives the hypocrite thi- marryrd °me. ther alfo As Saint Aufiix notably (hewer, writing Pra1.44.2a,tz. upon thofe words of the Pfalmijt;Thaw knoweft the fecrets of the heart : that for th1 fa4e,we are(lain con - tinrrady. "What means this (faith the learned Fa- -ti deR, *exit «then) he knower the fecrets of our hearts ? what occatta ? pie occulta ? en. «be thefe fecrets ? Surely theft, that for thy fake cc we are flaine all the day long. Thou and I may "fee a man to be flaine ; but why he is flaine thou "canft not tell : This God knowes ; it is hidden from