Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

30 opplevit omñix no fmulictis sec imátaraen- ti, fcd luau at que laments veaás & f0'84- noel. Attic.1.7. Itaque tt:m a3á fali+sla vád ré- tur, dclor aïlá+ ta:res eft. 2"ße deceitfulneffe of MOW heart. of fimplicity,,ançl lips of fincerity. Pelar an actor on the fiage,in the reprefentati6 of griefe,remembring the dea,h of his owne fonne,fell from his perfonat fained mourning to weeping in good earnett,aud to cry out amaine in the b Itterneffe of his fpirit ; fo fhouldeft thou, who hi-herto, as an actor on the Stage, only ro pleale men, haft made femblance of repentance , fall from thy fictions to repent feri- oufly and in good fadneffe, Bur alas, how many of us doe quite contrary to that ofPelur? for he per- formed the truth ofthat whereof only the imitati- on and sefemblance was expected; we only the fem- Glavice of that whereofthe very truth it felfe is ex- peaed:He wept indeed,when he was thought only to counterfeit: we counterfeit griefe,when we do, at leaft would be thoughtro greive indeed. But it fhall be heft for us to imitate him, & in the middeft of our h firionicall and hyperriricaU repentance,to turn to the true practice ofrepentance,plucking off our vizors, and making our owne faces as faire as our vizors It is fearefull,which fometimes is repor- ted to have fallen our, when among a company of counterfeit divels on the Stage,the true divel thail come in and chafe away the fained : but it is com- fortable, when among the company of many pain ted and gilded graces, the truth of grace it felfe at length commeth,.caufing all thofe fhewes to goe a- way, as the body the fhaddow. Thus,if thine owne hand fhall un -maske thee, it (hall bee for thy credit , and comfort ; if 'not , but thou wilt rather ftay, till Gods hand 'come toun -maske thee (for certainly every hypo- crite