Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceitfulnef of mans heart. 37 trite {hall be unmasked either by God or himfelfe) thy cafe will bee miferable. O happy bee that by doing it himfelfe, can fave both God a la- bour,and himfelfpaine ! Thou (halt find how fear - full athing it is to fall into the hands of God,which (hall pluck thy maske from thy face, and thy head from thy body, both at once ; he will unvizour and As uncolour thee, thou coloured hypocrite; hee will 3 3 ftrike thee thou painted wall,to thyfhame and con- flation : it may be in this life , by giving thee o- ver into the hands of Sathan , and the power of his temptations, that thou fhouldeft fall into Apo- Tim. 4. ftafie, and with Demos, imbrace the prefect world . For fuch as profeffe . onely in hypocrifie, and to- gether with their outward profeffion of the truth, receive not inwardly the love of the truth , un- to fuch the Lord {hall fend the efficacy of erreur =Theta z. that they flioild beleeve lief. But {fin this life,God- thus deceá not thine Ages carer under thy Lyons s(iune, affuredly hee will doe it throughly in the life to come at the Taft day, when hee {hall ftrip thee Parke naked of all thy cloakr ofcraftineffe, wherewith thou veiledft thy fhame here,and pre - fent thee before that generali affcmbly , as it were on the Rage; a laugh ing flock to Men and Angels. Ca p.