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The deceitftsInefe of mans heart, CHAp. III. of the deceit whereby we judge oast felvei not to bee fo evil', es indeed zree are. E have briefly ran over the former part of the hearts deceitfullneffe, wherby is decei- veth others,nor it felfe,with the leverai par- cels thereof: now wee core to the fecond part of deceitfullnel e, and that farre more deepe and dangerous than the former ; namely, that which wee may call felfe- deceit, whereby wee de- cei eevenosrr felves,fometime together with,Come- times againe without deceiving others befides. This deceitfulneffe may be confidered either in the mind or affe uions joyntly together, or in the affehions feperately, and by thernfelves. The formerdeceifulneffe (hews itfelfe Cpecial- ly in foure things : r isa jssdging: 2, in perfivading: 3.in pro wiJlng : 4.1 praa°1`ifng. For the flair, which is in jrrding,though it may feetn that judgment belongs properly torbe mind,yet becaufe here the affer ions interpole themfelves and the erroneous judgement of the mind commonly receiveth its tineture from the affetions, I doe therefore equally interefi both the,ninde and afeaio2rin this firfldeceit. Now the deceit of the heart judging, is either in judging of our perforas, or of our actions. I n judging ofourperfon,t there are three Cpeciall deceits; whereof the firri is,when we think, through pride and ignorance, that we are not fo bad as in truth 1 z.Pars of harts deccitfullnes, fclfe- deceit, whi.h, is Two-fold. rh the mind and affeEtions jóy ntly,fhew- ing it idle in foure things. In judging. t. Of our per - Ions : where be three deceits. a- Deceit is, That wee arc not foul as we are; c ther in i cgard of the