Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceitfulnefe of mans heart . 39 truth we are. And this deceit is not only in regard ofthat wee judge ofour (elves for the time prefent, but aifo paf?, and to cork. For the time prefent, how many are there,groffe ly tainted with many horrible fnnes which yet in no cafe they wilbe brought to fee or acknowledge ? nay, fo farre are they blinded through felfedove..and fife- deceit, that they will bee at daggers drawing, with any that (hall offer to lay filch matters to their charge. The Pharifee cackles a0 cracks in the Gofpel, that he is nor unjuf?, nor an extortioner; he thought himfelfe free enough from thofe fins; and yet our Saviour, who could not be deceived, fafte- neth this imputation upon that whole Tribe, than howfoeverthe outfide df the cup and platter were very exquifitely mundified, yet the infide was full ofravenings and vac kednef . Where upon he exhor- tech them by Almes to make cleane thofe Difhes which even fwimmed with blood , in regard the creates in them were gotten by evill meanes, as by devouring of Widdowes houfes,through colour of long prayers; by teaching children even to ftarve their owne parents, to offer to the Altar, that is in- deed, to their paunches and purCes. Was not this injuftice and extortion; and yet becauCe it was fomething more cleanly carried, and not fo groffe and apparant as that of the Publicaries or common dieèves,therefore he bleffeth hiñhfelfe in a fuppofed freedome from that fin, and triumpheth, laying , .1 ON no extortioner,no unjuf? perfon. Nay,out of thine owne mouth fhait thou be judged, thou deceitfull Pharifee ;That (hall cart thee: For, when after thou D 4 fayeft i Piefcnt.