Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

4° p ro . Z.Z. a 3. E. The deceitflineffe of mans heart. fa,yeft,nor as this Pnblicaue;is not this fhamefull inju_. Rice for thee tojudge another mans fervant,that ftan - deth or filltth to his one M,Jter? And when after- ward thou glorieft in thine owne vertues, of fatting and paying of tythes, as though by thefe things thou hadit deferved to be kept by God,from break- ing out into the fcandals ofadultery and extortion, art not thou an extortioner in the higheft degree, that goeft about to extort and wring from God himfelfe his molt precious treafure,his glory,which hee will not give to another ? Thus many, with the Pharif'ee, think themfeives innocent enough of theft, and fuch like crimes, and will with they could no more. bee touched with other finnes, when in- deed they have their hands very deepe in thefe tranfgrefions; dually robbing their brethren of their good name,which being above filver and gold, the theft thereof muff needs, proportionably, be a- bove the theft of fiiver andgold , which is punifhed with the gallons ; nay , robbing God himfelfe of his worfhip; of his sabbaths, the time, and of his tythes; the props of his worfhip. What a mockery is it then for thee to talke of paying man his dues, when thou denieft God his ? Or is it theft to rob thy fellow fubject, and not to rob thy King, and Soveraigne ? So againe,wee may heare others purge themfelves ofcovetoufnefl`e, ar though they were not at all given that way, onely upon this ground , becaufe they are no miching and fcraping nig- gards, but rather wafifull and riotous prodigals: Not confidering that their prodigalitie cannot be upheld, but by covetoufneffe, in feeking for more than 1