Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceitfrilneffc of mans heart. than God bath allotted, and that by ungodly and unjuft praëtifer. Soothers free rherufelves of pride, onely becaufe they exceed tacit in their appare 11, as others, when yet inwardly they are fwollen with felle- conceit, and no men think better of them CeIv`s, than they doe. Our ruffling and fwafbing cutter., with whom a sword and a biome, a IF and a flabbe, think themfelves of an heroicall Cpirit,and in no hand would indure the imputation of Pufiliani- miri;e of bafenefe of mind and cowardife. Yet the truth is, they are moft bate, and vile cowards, flay fhly yeelding to their ovine vile affc &ions, which to overcome,and by repentance to be reven- ged of, is a farre greater argument of a noble and generous fpirir,Ph á to purfue Co eagerly the revenge of every petty injury, which the Apoftle difgra- ceth by a word that fignifieth infirmity, and toff of vielory. If it were true ,valour , why fhould not they be as hazardous of their elates and lives, for Chrifts fake and the Gofpell, when occafion re- quires ? But then none Co faint- hearted and daftard- ly as they. Infinite were it to follow all the parti- cularities, whereby this deceit might be exempli- fied. Of all others this is the moft generali branch thereof; when men think they have not fuch and fuch corruptions , becaufe they feele not the powerfull operation of them,by reafon of Gods re- ftraining hand. Many naturali men there are whom God never renewed by his grace , in whom yet bee fo moderateth and bridleth many corrup- tions ; as pride, Tuft, cruelty, &c. that they breake not forth. Hence Inch men deceitfully imagine that . Cor. 6.7. l T fni.ta.