Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

42 z Pan. Mar. :23; The deceitfulneffe of mans heart. that they are framed of fame pure mold, and are of a better nature and difpofition, free altogether from fuch corruptions,becaufe free from theannoy- ance of them; As though a Lyon were no Lyon when fettered that he cannot rampe ; or a theife no theife, when manacled that bee cannot fleale; or the Clone no Clone, when fo bedded in the blad- der that it cannot greatly vexe. Left therefore wee deceive our (elves in this point,it fládeth us in hand, diligently to examine whether the reel and {dente o our corruption be from the refiraining,or the renew ing fpirit;from the grace of God fuppreng it,or op - pre ng it; from want of á mind di/ ofed,or of an'oc- cafion to bee propofed for the drawing forth of the corruption. As thus wee are deceived in judging ofour (elves for the time pre fent,fo alío pafi,and to come: for the time pail, we have an example in the Pharifees, that Paid, if they had lived in the dayes of their fathers, they would not have murdred the Prophets, when yet, their bloody perfecution'of Chrifi, that taught no other doarine than that which the Prophets of old had done,might fufficiently difcover the deceit- fulneffe of their hearts in this kind.Thus what wic- ked mifcreant is there, that will not be ready to cry out upon the high Priefts, the Jewes át trecherous /adz, with the reft that had their hands in thrills blood; and- as for them, if they had then lived, they would have taken drills part,againft the i ewes; and fo Hoopers and Bradford/ part, againft Bonner and Gardiner? A likely matter!they now make fo much of thofe in whom the piety and zeale of thole holy martyrs