Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

.1 The deceitful/16i ofrnan,r heart.' 43 martyrs revived. Af tiredly, hee that now under the Golpel,fheweth a fpitefull and malicious mind to a good and holy Chriftian, well may hee deceive himfelfe, hee (hall never deceive mee Co farre; as to make me think otherwife, than that if he had lived in holy Hoopers dayes, hee would have been ready with the for wardeft, to have carried a faggot to his ftake; yea' ,if he had lived in Chrifts dayes, he would have beeue ready to have driven in the firft nayle into his body. Certainly,an Herod and Herodias to John Baptifi, would have been an Ahab .and Iezabel to Elics. And yet I make no queftion,but if one had asked either Herod or Herodias,what they thought of Ahabs and 'meth is dealing toward Elias , and what they would have done in like cafe; I doubt not I fay, but they would have condemned them to the very pit of hell, and made many goodly protefrati- ons, that if they had then lived ,they would have done farre otherwife : But infomuch as they did the fame thing to a new Elias, the Baptifl,that came in the f iris and pon;er of Elias :it was thereby evident what they would have done to the Elias. 3. To come. Laftly,we deceive our (elves in regard of the time to come,when wee will not take that notice of our corruption, as to think wee are in danger offallLng hereafter into thofe grofle & fcandalous fins which hitherto we have avoyded:thus many will not Rick T rafonically to boaft,that if Popery and perfecution of the truth fhould againe re- enter,yet they would never fhrink.But a notable a ±ample forthis purpofe, is that of Peter, who had fo opened his eares to the ' voyce of his owne deceitfull and lying heart, that hee¡