Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceit fulneffe of mans heart. Beene borne in the Church, and (fill enjoy the pri viledges thereof; they have beene waffled with ho- ly water, and are daily fed with the fpirituall Manna of the Word and Sacraments. This was the ufuall deceit of he lerres,who cried,TLetemple of the Lord. the temple oft he Lord : and had nothing elfe to bleffe : hemfelves withall but the cognizance of Circum- cifion. And our Saviour lheweth, how many at the Tait day (hall Tooke for eternal life,only becaufe they have eat and drunke in his prefence; which i under (land of the fpiricuali eating & drinking in the hea- ringof the Word,and receiving of the Sacraments: but for all this, with the man that wanted the wed- ding garment, they maybe taken from the very fea- fting table to the gallows with Haman. And though they fl ye never fo much with boob to the homes of Gods Altar, yet it ¡hall not defend them from Gods (word; for chc very truth is this, the man that wants the wedding garmenr,is no otherwife bidden to the feaft,by the King,than Harlan was to Queene Efters feaff; flee (ball there finde God no lefi'e angry with him, than Haman found Ahafhuerofh, and heare that fearefull fentence, Take him, binde him, &c. Of this deceit S. Tames fpeaketh, when he faich,Beyee doers oftheword and not hearers only,deceivingyorrr felves. Shewing thereby,that many,as the miferable expe- rience even ofchefe rimes alfofheweth, did there- fore repute themfclves in the nun her of Gods peo- ple, only becaufe they came to the Church, heard the word,and prefented him with the outward facri- ficesbf their prayers, and praifes, howfoever their lives otherwife were rnoí} vile and vicious. But S. Tapes Ierem.7: Matth.7. Lanus r.ta.