Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

b The deceit fulne,Te of mans heart. Edel 5. Limes afterward tel let h the fe deceivers, I fars) man [et me religious, and re fraine not his tongue, deceiving his owne heart, his religion is in vaine. And fo doth S. Paul cell the leaves that refted in the Law, 3z the outward letterthcrecf,chat their Circutncifion wa$ no better than uncircumron; as a man may (ay ro a b fe Player,apparelled like a Kings fonne,that Princes coat is no better than a beggars; lc (hall doe him no more good,procure him no more honour oc refpec`i. For Circumcifion,Baptifine,hearing, recei- ving, and all fuch like badges of outward profeQìon, . they are but as the outward garments of Chriîtians, which may ealily bee put on by chore that are cone. And therforehowfoever thele by many are thought fufficientto make them good Chriílians, yet Salo- mon hicks not to make them the narkes of fooles, when there are no better than they, as when he cal leth Gods owne facrifices,the Cacrifices of fooles:be more ready to heave than offer thefacrifzce of fooles; be- caufe oft his foolifh conceit , which many ground upon .theni.But notably doth God {hake thefe decei- vers h the fiftieth Pfalrrle, who. for all their lying, . flandring,whooring, thieving, would yet needs goe for Saints,becaufe they were diligent in the outward fervice of the temple.They thought they were very carefuil members of God when they plyed him fo fafi with the facrifices of the ,Law , both morning and evenings and yet God telleththem, that none were fo unmindfull ofhim as they,and therefore ve- ry fcarefully thundreth againfl: then; o 'confider this yee that forget God.lefï I teare.you in pecees: For when the truth of obedience, and powerof.godlines is wanting,