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The deceit fislne of maus heart. 63 wanting,. furely there is fmall difference betwixt an Traetite and an Ifmielite,a circumcifed Hebrew and an uncircumcised Philifihn, a baptifed Eng./0 man and an un- wathen r take. Neither is the barren Fig - tree in Gods Orchard in any better cafe than is the Bramble in the wilderneffe; In which regard David is not afraid to call the Eliphims Strangers, and Sams Courtiers Heathen, and Saul himfelfe cnjhi, or an ÌEtlliopian,al though all of them lived in in the viable Church, as members thereof : to (hew that God will Jappe them up in the fame bundle of con - dernnaeion, together with the Heathen and uncir- curncifed lira gers from i e Covenant and Common - wealth of frael.'Thib therefore will be but a filly plea before God, We have gone to Church., frequented the Prayers, heard the Sermons; nay, the plea of preaching Sermons will not be admitted. When thou bringeft to God the Sermons thou hall heard, thou bringeft Ilriahs letters,' he matter of thine own death and damnation. For therefore (hall God ad- judge thee to Co much Corer and feverer condem- nation , by how much thy meanes of repentance have beene greater. Therfore ilia]] the ear, h be tur- fed, becaufe having beene watered with the dew of Heaven, itbringeth forth nothing but Brambles and Bryars.But here our Libertine, betides his outward formali Church- fervice,urgech hisfaith in the me- rits ofChrs. Anf' His faith is meere fancy : for firff,F.eith cow- meth b., hearing, and fo alto it is nourifhed by hea- ring the Word, Prayer, and the Sacraments. But thefe men cannot tel how they came by their Faith; And PCa1. S43 PTal.59.5.ánd 7.t.opened. Hcbr.S. Rotn.t o.