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64 + TLe deeeitfulne¡e of mans heart. And it is tufpicious when men have goods, and can - not tell how they came by them:affuredly they can- not fay they carne to their faith by any fuck meanes: for they defpife the powerful' miniftry, and to pray aright -hey know nor,whereas true faith,thedaugh- ter of the word , cannot but with all humilitie and thankfulneffe acknowledge her Father. 2. True faith iscopulative,ic joynethtogether the whole word of God_ : is beleeveth one promu a as well as another, the promifes of this life as well as t'iofe of the life to come. But our Libertines faith. that feemeth very thong in beleeving falvation by Chriff, in temporali dangers that concerne the out - ward man onely,cannot uphold it felfe : the reafon is,for that,as their faith is a fancy it felfe, fo it appre- hendeth eternal' falvation as afancy , and fo they can be bold enough g but temporali falvation being apprehended as a matter of truth, their fantaftica' I faith cannot lay hold of the promifes thereof: chele men that fo confidently profeffe that they beleeve God harp provided fuperabundant riches of glory hereafter for them, cannot yet beleeve that he will provide competent necelfaries of maintenance for this prefent life, whence they fo tremble in their dangers. Againe, Faith beleeveth the threats ofthe Word,together with the promifes.Now, *hou who pretendeft beliefe of the promifes, thew me thy be- liefe of the threatnings : diddeft thoubeleeve the truth of thofe menaces which God hath denounced againft uncleane, covetous, am`itious, proud, en- vious, malicious perlons , and filch like frnners; how durft thou then fo wallow in thefe Thanes, tha' if