Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceit fulneffe of mans _heart. it God in Read of Hell had prornifed Heaven as a reward unto them, thou couldeft not do more than I thou doeft : Why fhouldeft thou deceive thy felfe with an opinion of faith, when indeed thou beleé- veil not fo much as the Dive!! ? for hee beleeves [namelpthe threatnings of the ,cord] and trembles for horrour ; but thou goeft on in finne, making a mock of the menaces; and in the infidelity of thy heart, giveft them the lye, Paying, no fach thing fhall befall thee. And fo much for the three former felfi- deceivers. MIMAIMAIMAtiliMMAA AMA CHAP. V. ofthe deceits of the tempera, Beleeverr Fiith,ond feelings. `` Ee come now to the fourth fort of thefe de- ceivers, the Temporary Beleever, defcribed -by our Saviorar in the Parable of the Stony and thorny ground, and by the Rpafìle Heb.6. They heare the word, and are inlightned in their under - ftandings, yea ravifhed one would think in their atfeûion : for they hcare ir, faith our Saviour with joy : where,by one of the chiefeft affeaions,we are by like proportion to underhand all the reft, even the affection of griefe it felfe; that as they rejoyce in hearing of the comforts, and other fach like do- fárine which requireth ioy, fo when the nature of he do trine requireth griefe, they are alío affeaed with forrow : and therefore as the hearing of the ;word, with thofe Ifraelites , doe often even draw F buckets lame: 2. Iv Temporaries deceit, touch- ing àlatch.13. Match. r3. yo explayned.