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r. Cor,9. 2.Application. of our (elves to chriß., a d therefore are there Two har dsof Faith. The deceit f elnefe of Mans heart. In beleeving, wee mull beate dowse with Para ?, but all() in regard of the violent affaults of Sathan, im- pleading our Faith,as naught, and fo often putting us to our ihífts, making us to fearch, and try our Faith,to pray earneltly for our faiths confirmation, and fo faith much feare &trembling to rnor&orat o,r own faliation. Iris nothing fo wich the Temporary beleever in his faith. He finds it very eafië to be- leeve. Sachan troubles not him, for then he fhould bee divided againft himfelfe , who begat that pre- fumpt uous faith in him. Nay rather Saban con firmes him in this his deceit.And therfore our tern- porar) doth not fo Cufpe&t himfelfe, doth not fo try and examine himfelfe, doth not fo work out the work of his faith with thofe ftrong cryes of fer. vent prayer, with that feare and jealoufie, and with thofe bitter bickerings with infidelity,that the true beleever doth. 3. Faiths application ofChrifi to the beleever, is with application of the beleever to drift. For faith hath,as it were, two hands. One receiving thrift from God : the other giving the beleever to God. And both thefe hands it exercifeth at once.At the Came time the beleever applyeth Chrifi to his owne heart, bee applies his heart to C H R is; and cleaves to him with full purpofe of foule. This was notably fhadowed out under the ceremoniall law, in the conjun lion of the fin offering, which noted Chrifi,and the burnt- ofring,which as Pauthath in- terpreted it, more fpecially fignified the facrificing of the Beth, the crucifying of old Adam. True faith offers both thefe at once. But the temporaries faith ROM.; 120.t Is,