Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deeeitfiskeffi of mans heart. 7 is lame on that hand,which fhould offer the burnt- offering, he only taper Chrift, he gives not himfelfe, to Chrifi : he offers the ftnneoff ring without the burnt - offering. And therefore applying Chrifi to himfelfe, and not hinsfel fe to Chrift, he mif- applieth. Indeed he may make force thew of giving himfelfe to Chrift, but in truth he referves himfelfe to him - felfe : he nourithes Tome fpeciall finne or other in himfelfe,and fo gives himfelfe to Sathan, to fin, not to Chrifi. As Herod gave himfelfe,not to Chrift, but to Herodias,to his luft; and Judas gave himfelfe, not to Chrift, but to the bagge, and to the baggage of his covetoufneffe. 3. A third property of true Faiths apprehenfion is set out in Abrahams example, who is faid to hope agairsft hope : when the belever is in heavie agonies, and feeleth a very hell in his confcience,yet then can heapprehend heaven,& wit hlonas in the whales bel- ly call upon God in faith :for faith is the fubfianee of things that are not,much more then of things which indeed are, though not in appearance. If it can give fubfif}ence to things that are not fubfiflent, much more then, appearance and vifibility to things that are not vifible and apparant:fo that faith can fee one contrary in another,in the very depth of hell,hea- ven; in the very extremity of mifery,happinefí'e ; in the very middeft of anger, mercy: and the Woman of Canaan,MMt. r 5. can pick comfort out of the re- proachfull name of Dogge and when nothing but war is to be feen in Gods face,yet then can it pierce through all the thick clouds, and behold the tweet 1 fun- thineof Gods favour & grace in Chrift:through the ; Releeving againft fenfc Row. 4. Hebr. n. x.