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. 1: 76 ----------.... The deeeitfzalxzeffe of Mans heart. the bent browes of the ireful! Judge it can fee the yearning and relenting bowels ofthe co:npaflionate Father : the eye of true faith can look upon God, not only filing, and inviting us to himfelfe by a fireet and gracious, hut alto lorariasg, and driving us away with a dark & cloudy countenance : but then is our temporaries Faith clean dallied out of counte. lob. z7, To: nance; will the hypocrite pray alroayes? faith fob, and fo, will he beleeve alway? No, a little wind blowes down the Spiders webbe of his hope. When Gods hands are full of gifts to beftow,then his faith is rea- dy to lay hold on them. He is like to children that come running to their father when there is an apple in his hand to tolle them; but not when the rod is in his hand to correct them : or rather, like to dogges, which if they fee a cruft in your hand, come fawi ning and glavering; but if they fee a cudgel!, and that you come toward them to firike, either they fearefully run away, or defperately fly in your face. But the true beleever goes further; and when there is a naked drawne fword in Gods hand, yet he dares venture and preffe towards God : though theLord fee never fo ftern a countenance againft him,he will not be out - faced, but in an holy kind ofimpudency hee will out -look him, and fay; Lord, though thou look upon mee, as though thou wouldeft flay nie, yet Rill will I look upon thee for help; Though Iob. 33. thou 4111 mee, yet hill I truft in thee: But in filch a cafe the temporaries former jolly confidence vanilh- eth : here is the tryall of Faith. This the temporary deceives himfelfe in the parts of Faith.The j gpjes ofl aith are Chore feeliigs,thofe delights'