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78 The deceitfulnef ofMans heart. 4siguflinesdelight which before his convcrfionhe tooke in Saint Ambrofe Sermons, more for the elo- quence of the words, than the fubitance of the mat- Erec, 33. ter : and this alto was the delight which Ezechiels auditors took in preaching: He was unto them as the pleafant voice ofa Mufitianoand they commen- ded him much ; but yet their hearts ran, after ther eovetoufnejJè,as did Flerods after his incefi,for all he delighted fo much in Johns miniftery.If his ioy in the word had been fincere, bee would have reioyced as well in the dotrine of the feventh commandement as in any other ,bat this galled him. Thus is it with our Temporary, hec can delight in the word as long as it troubles him not in his beloved fins : but let it once touch him there , hee fpnrnes prefently, and Rom. flings away. Therefore bee delighteth not in the word fincerely, becatsfe it is the word of God; for then one part thereof would be as welcome to him as another. Now the tine beleever, even when the word croffeth his corruption, can yet then fay with Patel,' delight in theLaw,concerning the inner min. 2 Sleightnes. 2. True boy is a full joy, as our saviourfpeaketh lohn i5 to his Difciples, that yonrjoy may be full. The true beleever fo rcioyceth in things fpirituall, that he wholly defpifeth the ioy of things temporall,and in them reioyceth flightlyand overly,as though he rejoy- t cor. y. ced not. His by is a fboleting j, y, fuch as is the joy of >?fzi4.a. harvefi. Thou hail given me more joy,faith David than when their Corne and ogle abounded. But the ioy which our Temporary findeth in things fpirituail is nothing comparable to that in temporal]. Judas joy in the bsgge, was above that he took in Chrift , and his