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Roan. ç. Pfal. 1T9. 91 [ Sam. 26.19. PhiI.4. 7. T he deceit fulneJ of Mans heart. coup the love of God it fpread abroadin our hearts by the Holy (gaff, Loe the power of the true and lively feeling of Gods fweetnef e in Chriji : it can make us hold up the head in the greateft deletions : Except thy laze had been my delight, (faith the Prophet) i fhouldriow have perifbed in mine of ic`lion,being over - corne by the extreamity of my tribulation, I lhould have done that which in effe& Sauts perfecations bade me do namely renounce the true God, and goe and ferve other Gods. Where then there isa found delight in the word, it keeps a man from fuch kind of perilhing : for as the Apoftle excellently faith, The peace o f God gardeth our hearts in Chrifllefua,that though our troubles and croffes would pluck us from Chriti, yet where there is true peace, true joy in the holy Ghoft, iv is Co fweet and comfortable that it holds us fart to Chri(:, and for-all our trou- bles,makes us to fay with Peter,It is good being here: we know not where to mend our felves:but the tem- porary beleever is not alwayes thus kept from perifh- ing in affl &ion:for our saviour ofone kind of them faith, that When perfecution of the Word commeth, then be is offended, and in the time oftentationdepar- teth away. Now true ioy, as we fay, is a fountaine of water, to refrefh and relieve us in the greateft drought, and in the moft fcorching heat of perfecu- tion : but the temporaries joy is a flanding poole, which is dried tap in the heat of Summer, in perk- cation : he thrinkes, and Oherefore his joy is not the ioy of true faith. 2. the joy of the Lord is our fire nth in our dike obedience, which is daily to bee performed in the whole Mauh.r3. z[. Luke t.3z. a. In not o- obeying.