Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

T H E WORLDS LÖSSE; AND THE RIGHTEOUS MANS GAIN. SERMON VIII. ISA IA H S7. I. tendmerciful men are taken aleay, noneconfiderins that theRighteous is taken albayfrom the evil to come. Hen I Sill began th'sVerfe, I did never think that all things would have been fo fuitable, to the fini(hing of ir, as now I find they are. For there is no circundlance that canbe <equired to make a Correfpondency between a former, and a liter Handling, but it is to be found in the two Surveyes I cool( upon this Text. The occafion of handling it now, is the fame that was before. I began it at a Funeral, and now at another Funeral I (hall end it. The place of hand- ling the fame as it was before. I began the former part of the Verfe, in this very Ifrem, at the other end of it ; now I (hall finial it at this. And the time it is thefame, and every way anCwerable to that it was before. It was begun in a time of Mortality feared ; and nowwill he finifhed in acime of Mortali- ty certain. And that there thould be no part of Corrc`pondency wanting r This latter part of theVerfe is anfwerable to the former, it is but the fame again in other words. N 2 In