Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

Tt the REÁD gIb. the children of God (though ,they .cannot efcape the flroke,yet) theyarefreed fi-9m the fling of death, they can play upon the hole ofthis Alp without danger, and welcome the grimmefl approach of this Gyant with a fmile, being freed from the hurt ofhim, by Him that is the Captain ofthe Lords Hoff, rho bath aboli/heddeath ,andbrought light and immortality to light ; fo that the flingof it being plucked out, and the fuffering íanelified by Chrif, death is become to every Believer but a darlçentry to the glorious PaliaceofHeaven. Now as it is Gods tender mercy to his Children, that their conflid and mifery should be temporary, but their perfect hap pinefs eternal ; fo it should be their care in this little ípace of time allotted them, (whereupon their everlafling conditionde- pends) fo toprovide that theymay live hap- pily where they shall live eternally : and fince wecannot efcapedeath, to prepare for it, that wemayget the fight of this Baflisk before it approach, and foavoid thedanger of it.Wretched is the eilateof that man,who when thefe fpiritual Thili ftims ( the terrors of death) make war upon him, shall have jufl 1 caufe to fay, The Lord is departedfrom me : the deathof fuch a one will be like the fleepof a frantickman, who when the malignant hu- mour is conco&ed, awakes in a greaterrage than he lay down ; whereas to him that is wife to confider his latter end, death is no waydreadful; death may kill him,but it can- A 3 not