Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

TO the EADEit. well as Scripture) concludes, what man is he that lived) andfhallnot feedeath ? There are no ingredients in the shop of Nature that are fufficiently cordial to forti- fie the heart againft this King of terrorsor1 his harbingers the velvet flipper cannot! fence the foot from the gout, nor thegold ring the finger from a fellon ; the richefl Di- adem cannot quit thehead-ach, nor thepur ple Robe prevent aFeaver: Beauty,firength,' riches, honour, friends, nor any, nor all can repeal that fentence, Dufl thouart, andto dull thou alt return. Every fit ofanAgue, and every diftemper of this frail conftitutionbeingas a. light skirmish before the main bagel of Death, whereinweak man being vanquish. ed,is led captive tohis longhome: andwhen once the lines of Mortality. are drawn upon, the face of the fairefmortal, he becomes a ghaflly fpedacle (how lovely foever before) and theconclu n is,Burymy-deadout ofmyhim. This inevitab e neçeffity , however it be confefred and acknowledged of all; yet la- mentable experience teacheth, that in the, Chritlianworld mall men fo liveas though they should never die, and at length they fo die as though they shouldnever live again, and when the time of their diffolution corn- ett), their fouls are rather chafedout byvio- lence, than yielded toGod inobedience. "indeed to a wicked man , Death is the beginning of forrows, it is a trap-door tolet him downto theeverlaí$ingdungeon of Hell;but the