Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

to6 TheWorlds Lofs, andthe, &c. took her from their evils that we are reserved tc, arm tuac we may tear. That is the difference betweena godly and an impenitent man. Impenitent men. if they be took away, they are taken to further evil, if (hey be left alive, they an left to further evil. Merciful men,if they be took away, they are taken away for th, efchewingofevil : and ifthey be lefton theearth,it isfor the diverting of evil. The) divert them while they live, and (hun them when they die. As they,labour to iv. noun God in their lives, fo Fadgratifieth them in their death, he takes them t, himfelf. This confideration, and occafion, is a proof of the Text. As it is proved in al. the Text, let usdifprove it in our felves, that this word may never go in the couch it lieth here, but in a ccntrary course. That righteous men perir, and men dc lay it to heart, ( let it be raid fo) and merciful men, though they be took away, ye. there are thofe that take it into conlderation. 1 have done with the laid part, ane with the occafion. _4' \ 9 E tg file ka I. Irs J THE