Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

to7 coon aAns EPITAPH, O R TheHappinefs ofthoie that DieVVeII. SERMON IX. Rcv. r4. 13. I heard a voycefrom heaven, Paying untome, write, Bledare thedead which die in theLord, fromhenceforth, yea, faiththe Spirit, that they may ref/from their labours, andtheir works dofollop them. T He Scripture will afford us many Texts forFrsnerair. Mc thinks there is none more fic,nor more ordinarilypreached on thantwo ; and they are both of them voyces from heaven. One was to Ifaah the Prophet. He was commanded to rule. Thevoycefaid, Cry. dad hePaid, what!hall I cry t All fle¡h isgrafo, and all the goodnefs thereof, is as the flower of the field. You will lay, Tnat is a fit Text indeed; So is this here, Avayce from heaven too. But Saint John is not commanded to cry it,aslfasai, was ; he is commanded to write ir, That that is written is for the more alturanee. Itfeenseth good to me (faithSaint Lake in hispreface to his Gofpel) Mall excellentTheaphilue,ta write to thee oftbefe things in order, that :hots mighteff know the certainty, &e. P z gt Ifa. 4o. 6 Luke ì. 4.