Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

To the READER> real Lelures,that by a kindof dumb Orato- ryperfwade us toexpelour end,but as they are tranícient, fo our thoughts of them va- nish 3 therefore it can benoBall advantage co have in continual readiness that which may furnish us abundantly with meditations in this kind. . It was a cuflom in former times for men to make their Sepulchres in their Gardens, to mind them of death in the midi$of theplea- fures ofthis life. This prefent Workmaynot unfitlybe termed a Garden, wherein what- foever takesa daily walk, may gather in the feveral beds thereof thofe wholfome flow- ers and herbs, whichbeingdiflilled by feri- ous meditation, willprovewater of life to a fainting fpirit : in fome he shall find ìnflru- etion, in Tome incitation, in others confola tion, in all profit. Here thoushalt find that Lethallgourd íprungup by 'Liamhis tranfgref- fion,that makesall his poflerity cry out,7here is Death in theTot. There thou mayfl gatherHerbs ofGrace, as acounter- poyfon againfl themalignity of death : in a third there is the fpiritual Hello- tropium openingwith joy to the Son OfRigh- teoufnefs, thehopeofa blefl'edRefurretion. Do the glittering shews of outward things make thee begin to over-fancy them ? here thou shalt find how little theywill avail in death : the confederationwhereofwill make them like that precious alone which being put into the mouth ofa dead man lofeth its vertue