Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

To the READER. vertue : art thou over- burthened with af- fli lions ? here thouart fupported in theex- peetation of afar more exceeding weight of glory t art thou ready to faint under thy labours here thoushalt finda timeof reft,andofreap- ing : doth the time feemover-long, that thy patience begins to flag? here thouhaft apro, wife of thySaviours fpeedy coming: In a word, be thy eftate and condition what it will be ; here thoumaift have bothdireetions to guide thee, and comforts to fupport thee in thy journey on earth, till thou arrive at thyCountry inHeaven. Certainly, there is no man can Height and undervalue fodeferving a Work, but heshall difcover himfelfeither tobeignorant,or idle,, or ill affected ; efpecially when fo judicious' and learned menhave.thought it a fit conco- mitant for their feveral Labours,which they have added for the accomplishment of it : Therefore take it in goodworth, improve it for the goodof thy Soul ; that beingarmed and prepared for death when it shall ap- proach; thou mail} haveno more to doburl to die, and maidend thydayes in a ftedfaff affurance, That thyfins ¡hall beblottedout, when the time ofI.efreThing fhall come from the prefence ofthe LOAD. Thine in Him who is the RefurreFlion andthe Life. H. W