Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

The happineff of thofe that die well. 114 If we have not attained to that (lrength that tome have done ; that is, to live patiently, and die willingly, yet we should labour to attain to thus much firength to livewillingly, and to die patiently ; So as Cbrifl may bemagnified in my body ( faith the Apoale) 1pat? not , it makes no matter, let it either be by life , or by Phil. i; death. Whenwe have done the- work that God bath fet us to do, we mutt be gone ; and thus mull every one faywith himfelf; Lord if I have done all the work, thgu haft appointedme to do , callme away at thypleafure. Here is the h;fió Inòbe. dience. Secondly, Die in repentance. I remember what Pofdoaiue laid ofS. rluguffiee a.ii tepen- a little before his death, that it wasneceffary that men when they died, ,thçv thot id tance. not go out of the world , abfquedigna&competent; ref:pifcentia, without a fit competentrepentance. He himself did lo, for hecaufed the penticntiai Psalms to be written, and they were before him, as he lay upon his Bed, and r ewas continually reading thofe penitential Pfalms, and meditating upon them with many v:a:s; he died even in the very aft ofcontrition. I do love to fee a man chearful upon his deatl ..bed , but i do more love to fee man penitent. There is a day indeed, when God will wipe aie. y all tears Pram our eyes; When that cometh,then he will wipe away thele rears of rep,t ance theft teats of godly farrow : But the Lordgrant he may find me with tears in mine eyes. Thirdly , Diein faith. Indeed if ever Faith had a Work to do, to hash then 3. In Faith. a Work to do, when allocher comforts in the World fail us, and f. fends go from us ; then Faith, to lay hold on the promifes, Iknow that my Redeemer liveth, and that Ifhall rife again at the lafl day, and be covered with my ,kin, and fhall (ee god with theftfame eyes. Thus Faith. And then fourthly. Die with Invocation,calling upon the name ofGod. Thus 4 with prayer have all theSaints of Gad done, continually commendingof their fouls to God in prayers, Saint Paidwould haveto commend our fouls to God in wed-doing. And it is aneceffary thing every morning we rife , and every night we go to bed, but efpecially when we fee fome harbingers of death Pent unto us, then tohave nothing to do, but with ourbleffed Lord, Farber, into thy hands l commend my(pirit. Lakezt.g6. And with SaintSteven, Lord jefue receive myfpirit. As7.59. And next to this, let me put in alto, Mercy, Charity; Die forgiving one ano. q Incharity._ ther. Thus our Lord taught us to do , when he cried out, Father forgive them, Luke z ;;4 for they knownot what theydo. And S. Steven taught us to do fo too; Lord lay Ah ],69. not rhtá (sn to to theircharge. And then hilly, (for I cannot (land upon theft thing ) there mutt be a death in Peace. Peace with God , Peace with our ownconfciences, and Peace with all the World. And now theman that dieth thus, dieth with wihingnef?, dieth in repentance, 6.Ia peace: dieth infaith, dieth with invocation, dieth in charity; dieth in peace, this man dieth inthe Lord, and fuck a one is bleffed. They that would that die in him, muttlive in him. A man cannot be Paid todie How to come inLandon that never lived in London. Aman cannot he laid todie in the Lord,, to die in the that never livedin theLord. If thou dolt not live in obedience, in faith, in repta-'"rd. tance, in invocation, in charity, inpeace, thou canft not die in theft. Aman muli fir(l live the life ofthe righteous, beforehe can die the death of the rightea,te. And then again, if a man would die thus, be muff be well acquainted withdeath, grow familiar with him bymeditation. Many things more I might have laid to this purport., burl am loath to tranfgrefs the hour. I have donewith chat. Give me onely leavenow to (peak in a fewwords unto the prefentoccalon. You have brought here (beloved) the body of your well-beloved neighbour, Mi(lrifs S.H. late the Wife of your late reverendPa (lour, DoEtor R. H. to be laid' up together with her Husband, in hope of a bleffed and glorious refurre6tion. It is long finte that I did in this Placeperform this fervice at the burial of his for- mer Wife, a woman of whom I may not fpeak, for though I hold my peace, the Q very