Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

fi Thegood mans Epztapfi; or, very 1t.mç e,e rti me wall ,d11 lay . enougn of her : and you true knew he carrot butafffüre the truth ofit. I am entreated co perform now the hire duty to the (cooled Wife. And I was eafily entreated" w do it : for that name of brother and filler, that was usuallybe twecn us for n anyyea,scontinued, may very well challenge of mc, any dr¢y I am able toperforn . I am flraitned in time, I cannot fpeak what I would ; and I do perceive already by this that I have fpoken, that if I Ihould (peak touch more,; my paffion would nn: give rte leave. Lec me tell you one thing amongf+ many; others, iris a thing extraordinary, and it is for imitaron. The Vertuoam womernl in the loft of the Proverbs, is commended for many things; Amongfl others this is one, She doth her husbandgoad, and not evil, all the days of her life. And mark is ! pray you, It is not all the days of his life, and yet peradventure fome woman . might be thought a good woman, that loth that, but The may perhaps our-live her Husband. .4 yertuose:woman will do himgood, and not evil, all the dayes of her life: And for chis atnongfi many other things, I do commend this vercuous Gentlewoman. I may alma(+ fay with the words there in the end of that Chapter, Many daughters have done excellently but thou furmountefi them all. So I may fay , many women peradventure have done excellently in this kind ;'but I donot knowof any one that ever bath done the like to bet Husband. I pray you near it. Her Husband had a Brother that lived in Portugal at the time of his death, who was theremarried, he had there three children atleafi, two Tons and a daughter. This vertuous good woman would give her ¡elf no ref+ , till The had theft children out of Portugal : The got the two Cons hither. And what was her care? ( here is anotherexcellency of hers ) her chief care was for their fouls. what did Ihe? or rather what did (her.ot to win thole children from Popery ( in which 'they have been brought up) and to bring them to the true fervice of God ? She obtained it, (begot it. When (he had donc that, won them to our Religion, The had notdonaall : one of thefe had a defire to exeicife tome Merchandife by Sea. Shefurnifhed him to the Sea, (he furnifhed him with money for his Adventures. The other'ihe bound'. Apprentice here in ehe City to an hone(i Trade : and The bash given therm liberal childs portion, I may fay fo. A childs portion that they may thank God (and I hope they will have the grace todo it) that theyhad, I' donor fay fuch an Aunt in Law, but fuch a Mother. Here was not all, She fent foe theMother too, The was but [hie(-in-law to her Husband: (he Pent for the Morher, (he lent for the Daughter , they were here. She cloathed them, fh fed them famemoneths : and if (he could have won them to our Religion , 11.e would have maintained the Mother while- (he had lived ; The would have brought up the Daughter, as her own child. But that could notbedone,' itwas a -work beyond tier firength. You fee here a vermeils Woman, that didgood to her Husband, not all the days of his I!fe, but all the days of her life, To the very lull day of her life (henever did ceafe to do good to her Husband in his kindred and I think I may fay, that (hc was more careful of his kindred then ofher own. But this is not all. This kindnefs Ott' will fay was (hewed to her Husbands kindred. Here a littlemore therefore. She knew that there were many Minitiers that hadagreat charge ofchildren, and peradventure would be very glad to have fame of their children taken off of their hands. She bathgiven to theputting out of five Minitiers children, to bind them Apprentices, fifty pounds. She knew that there were feme poorperlons of the Palatinatebete, which flood in neceffiew; She hach given to the relief of them,twenty pounds. Sheknew that there were many poor fouls that lay in Turkifh ['awry.; Shehath given for the redeeming of them,twency pounds. Nay yet more; She conidered that her Husband was (onetime a poor Scholar' in the Univerfity of Cambridge. And (he confidered too; that -;here are many Minitiers Widows that lived well, while their Husbindslived,tharare -fain to crave