Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

148 Security Suprt eel, or, on herGde, then shall God do ir, forfirms is the Lord that judgethher. He bring- eth in this (f .-ong is the Lord) to anfwer an objeEtion. Ic thall bedone for the Church, even then when the advers party thriveth moll: Then when it may be teen to be Godson work : then when men aretaken off fromfelt-confidence: thenwhen men have none tofix their eyeson, but God, then will God do this for hisChurch. He faithplá /nly,thatBa6ylon (ball be burnt with fire,and a: fuch a time, when it ap- pears that if cannot bedone, except he put his (}length to the work. Thus ye fee che fecurity of a People or Nation, or Kingdom, it is an infallible figs cf judgment fai- ling upon it. eonfirdied by And it muff be fo,and there is great reafon for it. Ifwe either confider the caufes kcafon: of fecurity, whence it cometh : or the concommitants tbae accompanyIt; or the fruits and eventsofit ; it muff be that great judgments muff befall men,and places, when they areunder this Carnal fecurity. .. i Ia refpe t cf Phi} look to the caufes. Whence is it that men,thatarenot at peace with God,yet the cauCeSof fecurity. latter themfelves that they thrill do well ?Itproceedethhorn that unbelief, andinfl- deliry., that is in the hearts of men; therefore they flatter themfelves, and pride infidelity. themfelves in things that will not hold them up in theend: I'fay infidelity is the caufe that roenare to fecure. Did men believe the word of God,' that every threattring that goeth out of the mouthof God, againff any particular fin, fhould certainly fallupon the head of the firmer, dura they go on in a courfe of finning againff God ? Durf} they adddrun- kennels to chill} ? One wickednefs to another ? Nocertainly. In that meafure a man path Faith ; in that meafure he feareth God and his judgments that he hash :hrcatned. Heb.11.7, See it in Noah, Heb.Ir. ByFaith Noahbeing warnedofGod, movedwith fear, prepared an Ark. He believed the word of Godwas faithful, that had" threatned a judgment upon the world : He believedthewordof God,thatcommanded him copro- vide ars Ark for the fafaryof him and his houfe,and thereforehe feared theDeluge to come, and prepared an Ark; So likewife fofah,when he read the Book of the Law,and taw what was threatned againf the fins of the people, His heart melted within him: And why ? becaufe he believed that this was the word of God, he believed that God would bras trueas his word,therefore his heart melted within him,at the fight of chofefins,wherein the peo- ple had continued fo long a time. Nay,it is made adefctiptionofa Beliver in Ifa.6 a.That heir one that tremdleth Ifa et. at Gods word. On the other fide : what is the reafon why infidelityBoth prefcntly bring judgments uponmen ? The caufes areapparent : infidelity it drawethmen from Hcb.a. ! God ; Anunbelieving heart departsfrom the livingGod. And whena man departs from Gods pretence, God purfueth him with his judgments. All the judgments of Godare upon that place,where Gods pretence inhis graces is not. If Igo( faith David) to theuttermof part ofthe"earth,tbonart there; If I go into the deep, than art there. And how there? Not only as an obferver, but as a punifhcr; that is, when men come to this point, to fide from God : Now, unbeliefis a drawing of the Soul from God to the creature, therefore it provokesGod, for itfeu up an Idol in the heart of man,and Idolatry exceedinglyprovokes God,and thereforehe bringeth judo meets upon ic. neut.29.19. Betides that, mark the threatning of the word again! this, Dent. 29. whena man hearetb the wordsof this Carte, andblefferb himfelf, andfaith, I (hall have sesee, though s walk in the llnbbornnefs of my awn heart, the Lord will not!pare that man, but the anger of the Lord, and hisjealotfe (hall!moan againfbhim, and all the plagues that are written in this boo,',,, fhall be heapedon him. When is that ? When is the time that thewrath of God than fmoak ? At that very time andinfant, when be flattereth himfelf with his vain conceits, that he (hall have peace though God threaten judgment, then at that very inf}anr, the wrath of God (hall fall upon fuch a man. Ifa. 6.9.1°: In this manner did Goddeal with theIfraelìtes, in Ifa.6.9,uO. Makethe heart of this peoplefat, make their earsheavy: Andwhy fo? That they mayfee, aadnot perceive i