Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

the VeßruEfion ofthe 6 irelefr. 149 perceive ; that they mayhear, andnot underfland; Lem. they (head be converted, and ! fhould heal them. How long (hall thisbe ? (faith theProphet) till theCities be walled without Inhabitants, and the hones without man, and theLand be utterly dejolate. When Godgivech over a people to be regardlefs in hearing the Word, that they hear and do not hearken, they hear and do not regard, they do not Conforme and Reform, according to the Dottrine delivered , then God intendeth to [weep them away by Judgments, they may be utterly left Defolate , as the Text faith. You fee then it muff needs be a grieuous forerunner of a Judgment spon a place, or City, or People,'or Nation, when they remain impenitentin their frns,and.yetcry peace. Again fecondly ; If you mark the conconimitants, what accompanies this carnal 2.Inre(pakof fecui ity in the heart of men, and it willappear then, that it muffof necefiìcy bring a the coneomi- Judgment upon a Land and place. What is chat that accompanies ic ? Adifpoficion offecuri_ flightingof God himfelf. When aman,Ifay,heareth theword, the judgments threat- ned; heareth the Law warning him to cake heed of wrath : TheGofpel alluring him co repent: And yet all moveth him riot,but(till he flatterer h himfelf : Ifay here is a difpofition fligh;ing God himfelf. God in all his Attributes is flighted. His Power, his Wifdom, his Juttice, his Difrefpeß of Truth is flighted ; yea, his Mercy, and Patience, and Longfuffering,all arefligh. God in all Ina ted,when aman in the courfc of fin goeth on inCarnal fecurity. Efpeciallyamongft Attributers. the ref+, chis is a (lighting of Gods Patience, andLonafuffering, andforbearance of men. Wherefore do men harden themfeivesagain fl Ekhortation torapentance,but becaufe they prefumeupon the continuance of Godslong-fuffering towerd them? Mark how Rom:z, 4,S: the Lord cakes notice ofthis, Rgm.a. -. The forbearance, and long-fufering, the goodnefs,andmercy ofGod,fhoteldhad thee to repentance; and therefore God bath forbore thee all this while, that he might bring thee to repentance. But what if he do not? Thou after thy hardnefs, and impenitent heart, heapefl up as a treafare to thy felf,wrathagaina the they of wrath. What day is that ? Thedayof the Reve- lation of the righteous judgment ofGod. As if he fhouldfay ; Nowyou obfcure Gods juf+'.ceand righteoufnelsfromothers, and from your (elves : Well, God there- fore will take a time to declare his righteous Judgment, for that purpofeGod bath a day of wrath ; and thy dailygoing on in fin,againf+ the longfuffering,and patience of God, it cloth but addwrath to that day. Thus it is when God hath borne with a man his own felt. So it is likewifs when God warnetha man by his Patience toward others. What hardnech men in fecurity ? Do we not fee God bath been merciful to many (inners, why may henot be fo to me coo ? He gave them repentance after many fins commit- ted, why may he not do fo to me ? Mark what Solomon faith, Ecclef.8.11. Becau(efentenceagainfi an evil doer, Ece 8,a. or an evil work, is not executed fpeedily, therefore the heart ofthe Sons of men, is /et io them to doEvil. This they purpofe, theyrefolve upon," they venture upon; God hach been chus and thus to others, patient and long.fuffering, and why may he not be fo to them ? Wellyet Iknow (faithSolomon )that it (hall notgo well with them iu the end, neither (hall the wicked prolong his dayes ; Why? becaufe he fcareth not before God. They are not awakned by the Example of his Judb nent on others, they are not allured by his Patience and Lonbfuffcring: It loth not make them to fear him : Therefore it (hall not go well with them in the end. Thirdly, Look to the end, what the confequence of this Carnal fecurity is, what ,. Inrefpeftof follows upon ic. Where there is Carnal fecurity, there mutt of necdfty be an in- the finkand creafe offan, and confequently, a hahening of Judgment: For the more fin hafineth confequenccs o ripenefs, the more judgment hafinethalfo upon the (inner. God hath fet unto offecuúty. particular mena certain flint, and it is not known to them,what that flint limited is. tSen.r 5.16. The iniquity of the dmorites,isnot yetfull. Theywere a finful peo- Gen; is; rf. pie