Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

1he VejiruElion o f theCarelefs. 155 heaven and earth ? But this is the horrible Atheifm and Infidelity , that is in the hearts of risen , that they believe not Gods power and jufiice, nor his threat - nings, I befeech you let every man be exhorted , to fir up his foul to this ba6ners, Motivesto to awaken himfclf in his own particular perfon. Confider that there arc others watchfulnefs. that arc awake , thatmay bring you forrow enough : be you awakened co prevent t. The wawa- fakersofour thofe mifetiet. enemies. Sathan is awake to tempt you. Bt fober and watchful, faith Saint Peter, for r.sathan, jour adverfary the devil, goeth about Peeking whom he maydevasr. Sathan is bu- tie, and watching tomake you his prey, watch you therefore that you enter not into tentation. Your on Corruptions are always awake. The concupifcenee, and depraved z. The Flcûr difpofition of the foul, it is awake Bill, to further everyev il motion, to draw you àfdc by its tentations. Therefore (faith the Apo(}le) 1 befeech you abflain, m pilgrims and firangers, frsmflefhly lofts, that war againfl thefoul. Do as men in war, when they know that they havea waking enemy again[ them, they will be Cure to keep their watch. Beloved, you cannot but know that your corruptions are awake,you may per- ceive iciny our feepsanddreams; take heed that you be not found in a fpiritualfleep, that corruption prevail not over you. Befid'cs thef<", the enemies of the Church are awake: Herecicks are awake every I. Hereticks. where to bring men from the faith, to pervert the faith ofmany : oh be awake to prevent tlo`: Bc1dcs, otbe=s ate awskr to ranfack houles, to defroy Cities :'oh be awake, that youmay he at.peace with the Lord of Hoar, the God of Armies, that hath all power in his hand to keen you Cafe. Again fecondly, Confider the evil of this fecurityyou are in, of this difpofition Motive z. of heart, when you cry, peace, peace, to your [elves in themid[ of Gods difpleafure. The evil offe- It is an evil difeafe , a fpiritual Lechar y. That di-cafe we know in the body, it ep°ry'.Init takes a man wit) Peep, and fo he dieth Oh höw many are in this fpiritual Lethar. l ip'rtua! gy, in this deep flcep of fin at this day , the 'Lord awaken them., It' is the more Lethargy. dangerous, becaufe it is a fenfeis difeafe, a difeafe that takes the finks from the foul ; anddiieafes (we know) that cakeaway the fenfes, are dangerous : for it is not onely a fign that n+c; e is overcome by the difeafe, but befides, it draweth men from Peeking for col e. Teas it is with the fpiritual Lethargy ; it Chews not only that fin bath prevailed in the heá,t, that it bath overcome grace, and thereuponyou have yielded unto it; to your pride, and covecoufnefs, and vanity, as thofe that are fub- cluedunder a dkeaie ; but it hindereth you from feeking the means to efcape out of it. Tbaufail l(faith Chrif to the Church of Laodicea) that thouart rich,and needeff nothing ; and that wasthe realon (he fought not to Chrif. I: is our condition, We have knowledge enough, therefore we care not for the Ordinances of God ; We have Faith enough, and therefore we care not for increafing it; though none of us Cay thus with ourtongues, yet tnof ofus believe thus with ourhearts. As David faith ofthe ungodly man, the ,vickednefs ofthe wicked faith in mÿ heart. So may I fay, the negleBeing of the Ordinances, the carelefnefs of men in theufe of the means of falvation, faith in my heart, that there is abundance of fecurity, that they arc in a fpiritual Lethargy that leadeth to death. As it is an evil difeafe, fo it caufeth much evil. It is that which driveth -away the Spirit of God. I: is the counfel of the Apofle, grieve not the Spirit, quench not the Spirit : when we negle& the motions of the Spirit, the Spirit withdrawech it fel£ Dottanot your own experitnce "tell you this ? Confider a little what motions you have had;' howGod by'the checks ofyour confciences, fometime by fecret in- citements, as it were a fpue upon your heàres, hah'movcd you to duty, anhto leave your fins; Howhave thefe moved you ? you have had purpofcs it may he tòperfòrhe thefe duties, co walk in the ways of God, `io pleafe him in all things: the'negle& of thole purports, bath driven :away the Spirit, it may be God nowiear'étlf'y'òu to final hardnefs: Again, it letteth in Sathan, when theunclean fpiritri driven out, hegait* about X o Peking z In the Effects. ¡.It drives a- way the Spirit ofGod 2. le leu in Sathan.