Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

154 Security Surprt ed, or, ìng Scourge (hall paf: thorow , then you (hall be trodden down by it. When Judgment cometh, of all the people in the world it thall certainly meet with you. What mean thefe idle dreams, and vain conceits, that when we go on in an unre- formed condition,and in a courie of fin and impenicency : Yet becaufe you have the Miniflers,and the Ordinances, and the people of God among(} us, becaufe we are convenient for Scituation,and fuch like things. Thee are vain things, theywill do us nogood at that time; and for the prefent, they (hew our fecurity, our hortible fecurity. 4Continual Fourthly,takeanother evidence ; and that is,the aboundingof the fins of the Land. incacafeoffio, Were it poffible that at fuch a time as this, of (baking the Rod, the Swordover us, when Judgments are upon the Nation,that there Ihould be filch abundanceof iniqui- y in all places,if men werenot in a dead fleep ? How doth drunkennefsangerand reel in every fireet ? How doth pride vaunt, and boafl it Pelf in every Church and Alfembly, though it be crieddown never fo much ? Mas (beloved ) are their times to pride up our felves in vanity ?Are thefe times torun afterthe fenfual,and finfulcourfes of an ungodly generation ? Thefe are times wherein God calléth for falling, and brokennefs of heart. Loy aide thy fineapparrel (faith God to the people) that Imay know what todo unto thee. We (hould lay elide thefe things, that we may (hew our [elves to be men awake. But men generally do fo abound in wickednefs and ungodlinefs, that we may rather conclude, as rt is in the Revelation, that the time is now come too veer ; he that is filthy, let him be filthy Hill; that is, let him go on to the end. It is evident and apparent, that fin is increafed fnce theficknefs : It is apparent that our fins are aggravated, though they are daily cryed down. And now at this time, as if we would defie God to his face, and call upon him to haften his Judgments uponour Land, upon our Families, and Perlons, every one (hives (as it were) wha (hall out- date himmoll, in our exceffes, in impenicency, in hardning our [elves in a courfe of fin. Thefe things convince us of our Security. There are many more that might be named, if the time would permit. But put there together, and they may (hew us our wretchednefs. When we confider how little we have profited by Judgments ; how little we have profited by the Ordinances; how full of vain Confidence, and idle Dreams ; how notwith(landing all there we abound hill in wickednefs, and there is no Reformation of our hearts and lives ; What may wenot conclude againfl our felves t If ever people were drowned in a drunken fecurity,we of all people under Heaven are at this time. For of all people under Heaven, we are in a manner the laße: God hath (pared us to the tail. Wehave had warning by Judgmentsinflidkd upon others, for many years together. It hath conic neerer to us by degrees: It began a far off in Bohemia: And then in the Palatinate, and in Germany. The Lord would have us fee how the corneth to us by degrees, by Peeps, that at the laßt we may meet him by Repentance. But where is the man that yet gets out of the bed of fecurity, that cometh out of his lleep to meet the Lord ? That comes with a broken heart to beg for forgivenefa of his fins pall, and to beg for mercy for the time to come ? life a. Well now, frnce it is fo, that we are convinced by theft Ggns that we are ina For Eaborta- carnal and finful fecurity : we fee then (fo many of us at leaf+, that are Children Lien, of the light, and of the day ) what caufe we have to be awakened, and to do that for others, which they will not do for themfelves t To be more earneßi in Prayer, more frequent in humbling ourfouls, for our own fins and theirs, that God may lay afide, and caflawayhis Judgmentsand Difpleafure, that either are feared, or lie up- on us. Is it not a fearful thing, that when the Lyon roared', the Bealsof the Parretts tremble; Yet theGod of Heavan roareth againfl the world at this day, and the proud hearts of men, do not tremble before him ? Shall the Beafis of the Forrells be afraid of the Lyon, more than the poor wormsof the Earth, of the mighty God of Heaven