Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

158 '`; \Seturìeÿ Surpried, ox,', lfecret- w'hifnerings ; knows everyaébon ofyour lite,andevery circumftance of thofe Iaéiions. This will be a means to keep thee from fecurity. 6. Confider I will add but one more, which is the firth. Confider thy latter end ; The night thy latter end. is now coming upon us. if it were told lily of us, that this night thou 1]ìa1die , as it was told the rich man in Luke T z. 7bou fool, this night !hall they take away thy foul. I think there is none that heareth me this day, but he would certainly keep waking this night. But it is not bodily waking we plead for, but fpititual waking; a waking from fin, a waking to repentance ; andwe tell you that .Death is now at the door,-ready to felze upon you. We fpeak not only to you that are aged; that are at the brink of the Grave, but we fpeak alfo toyou that are young; iDeath may !cite upon you, and firike you thisnight ; be awakened now to repen. Revel. ;.,. [ante, I remember what God faid to the Church of Sardis , Be watchful , and ltrengthen the things that remain. That Church was afleep, as many of us are at this day. God cometh toawaken you now, as he did them, that that little good- nets you have left, may be renewed and confirmed, You that are quite out of the Way of grace, and goon in a courle of fin , fit now down and humble your fouls; get into afecret corner, wherein you may confefs thofe many provocations where- by you have provoked' God all your days ; and refolve to amend , if the Lord fpare you. Begin now , delay it no longer , it may be the la[i night , the ever. laftingnight to you ; take this warning now therefore, be awakened to repen- tance. Eccclef. sr. 9. This is that the Scripture .callethupon fo much, Ecclef.I T. Rejayce oyoung man, tin the days of thy youth, and let thy heart ebear thee in thy youth . and walk in the !ways of thine heart, and intbefight of thine eyes ; but know thou, thatfor all this, thou (halt come to judgment. As if he lhould fay, You that are in the midft of '. your delights, that folace your felves in the midfi of the abundance of theearth, Iwhich you enjoy , that (port your felves in the pleafuresof this World, know that I there will cornea Judgment-day, ftethereforenow,what will bet} anfwer God then. Since the end ofatllthings is at band, (faith the Apofile) let au befober, and watch. ',We know not how near the end of the World is, we know indeed it !hall not be yet, becaufe Antichrift mutt be deflroyed, and the Jews called, before that day come: 1 \ but neverthelef, certainly thy end is near, thy day, thy particular death (and that isthe time of thy particular Judgement) may be fudden; It is appointed for all ae,' `Imen once todie, and after that cometh the judgement ; that is, the particular Judg- 1 , 'merit that comethupon Death ;. fo I fay, this may be the night of thydeath , and f,tháMorningmay be the clay of thy particular doom. judge your[elves now;-_ that llyau may not be judged of the Lord. It was the ufe that the Apofile made even to oodmen: For this caufe (faith he) many are tick, and weak, and many(deep; that T1's ;hey are dead : what then? if wewould judge our fettles, se1houldnot bejudged the Lord, So. fay I to you, judge your felves; now biing your felves as prifoners before theBar;ar'raign your [elves as malefa&ors before the Judge, bringout the par- ticular bills of inditement againli your felves, whereby you have provoked God: yet there is mercy tux day of grace, and opportunity ofrepentance, and turning unto God,yet Vieth; therefcre do it now. I might add many other belps to this purpofe, but chefe !hall fufñce at this prcfent. We have an example before our eyes,enough to warn usof this. Here is an exatn- ple ófDeath, which fhould teach us now to awaken our (elves, and not to live fe- cutely, as men 'that dream ofa long life for many years, Here is a your gnian dead ; took away in the prime of his time, in the beginning of his days; hishcknefs, though ifheld him not long, yet it was fomewhat violent. How know you what a fhort timeyou have, though you ace now young : of if you live longer, whatficknefs you may have, it may be-you may be deprived ofyour rea- fon and fenfes ; therefore now, while health, and reafon, and fence, while there Warning Sermons are afforded, take time, and make. ufe of time, left your,fecurity makegood this Textupon you; When youfhall fay Peace, Peace, then (ridden de- firts Lion comethupon thtm,asstravail upon a Woman with. child, and ;yhey¡hall not A C HR T.