Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

I59 A CHRISTIANS VICTORY; O R, CONQuEST OVER DEATHS ENMITY. SERMON XIII. i Cox.15.z6. The le Enemy that (hall bedefrayed, is Death. T could be no Paradox todeclare, that every man hath more Enemies in the world than Friends,bothwicked and godly. There is no quef}ionof it. But it is true alfo,Tbat fa long as a mans wayspleafe god* can matehisenemies hisfriends. ofallthe enemies men have,the Spiritual are the wort} CCommon 7 For they are Continual Common Enemies I call them,becaufe they are everymans Enemies. Others though theybe Enemies to tome, they are Friends to others,thefe to all. Continual, becaufe their War is *never at an end. Other Enemies we may have ruce with now andthen, paufes,and breathing times, leifure given us, when we have one one Skirmifh to make ready for another: From theCe there is no intermif ion or ref},not for a moment: Wherefoever,or whatfoever weare about, it may bePaid to rs, as Stalilahfaid to Sampfon, UpSampfon thyenemies areupon thee. The Enemies. ProV.r6.7.