Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

Conque/1 over Deaths Enmity t6 Fnit a cémmanenemy; Common to an Man-Kind. 1 ne charge it natn,u ttoc Itkc A eommop that upòn the Aramites, fight neither with fmall nor great, fare only with the King Hnrm . of /frael. Great and fmall, King and Keifar, all. are marks that thisaimech at : O. ;77;2.3 r killing weapon or other it hash for them all ; like /fhmael,Tbe hand of him is againfi every man. The young and the old, the Rrong, and rich, and nobly, and wife, ana Gen.i5.rz. holy, none can efcape, none can keep out of deaths teach. What man is he that li. PGlsv ;r. verb; and(halt notfee death. Yewill obje& to me patadventnre. Thofe that 'Chan liveat the=mingofour Lord, pbjtél, at the end of theworld, fÍ4[1 not fee Death. I hadthouglít(I confers) to have flood a little upon this pointsdifeu flion,but I muff Anfw. nor. I have many things to fay. In a ward therefore ; FitfI,thefe'are but a few,and a few make not a general. Secondly,though there die not theorditlary natural neath,but as Eljahand epoch, (hall be eran;4ated up.to Heaven ; yet in their conflation andaffumpcion, they (hall (offer a mutation and change which (hall be inftead of death. There,change is a kind of death to them, as our death is a kind of change to us. Therefore we may account it a common Enemy coMan-kind, for as theScripture Iofh:a t.14. faith, leis the wayof all the earth. And the grave it is the houfe appointed for all lob ;o.z ;. Living. 1; is a common Enemy, and it is the moredangerousfat that. Secondly, it is Afecret Enemy ; And it is the more dangerous for char. Secret z A ferret E. Traytors are wolf_ than open enemies ; Thele may beprepared aoeini, becaufe we nervyr, know them ; thole may furprizc us unawars, becaufe we fee them not, nor fufpeet them.. Poor¢vriab carrieth, Death in his Boforne : So we carry Death about us, though like a Moth it lie and fret in the garment, and we fee not when is meth, nor can certainly determine the time when it will grace afunder the Thread of our life. What man living can tdivine when, andhow, and,wheredeath will feize upon him. ? It is not for any to determine filch a thing, it limb fo fecrer, he cannot find it our. . Whata fort of.difeafes weare Cubje& to, you may imagine howmany. Nay yea cannot imagine how many,when the very eye (as fame Occoliftsobferve) have above fixtydifeafes. What a many cafuahies thereat e every moment when as oft as we Rep over the threfhold, w [h ecannot tell whether ever we all come home again. The fire faith, Deáthis in me a and the seaterfaith, Death is in me; the earthwe tread on bath deatbin it; the Ayr we breath in, that which we continually take in, and.puc out at our Noftrils bath death in it :Deathdwelleth with us in ourhoufes; it walketh with us in the ffreers; it lyeth down with us in our beds; it is wrapped aboutas in our cloathsthat flick tous. ltenbadsdis.(lain in his bed. Amman' at his Table. Zachariah in the Temple. foab at the Altar. The difobedient Prophet is torn with a Lyon. The unbelieving Princeis trod to deathinthe croud. Abimielech (lainWith aMill-ftone; andPyrrhus with a fall of a T le. Adrian is choaked witha tie. Viltor is poyfoned with Wine. And one of the Empereurs with thebread he received In the Sacrament. Thus death Rirtechevery where, and yet we fpie it nor. It is a fecret Enemy, and therefore the more dangerous. Thirdly, it is a Spiritual Enemy. . And it is the more dangerous for that. 1 Afpidtual Spiritual I pall it ; Fu ll, becaufe it is invifible, for the Spirits are invifible, they Enemy. cannot he (ten ; Such an enemy is Death, though we mull all feel it, yet Wecannot ice it : Were it any way di(cernable, we might think of fomeway how we might ltift and Chun it : But it is beyond theken of our eyes : We are nomore able to fee that then the Ayr; bring therefore out of fight, it is out of our reach, we know nx how to grapple with it t We know not with what Weapons to encounter And a Spiritual Rnemy I call it,becaufe though it feize on the body, it (irikes at the foul: by Godsdecree the deathof the foul is a concommitant of the deathof the body, and were it not by Godsmercy reverl+,they would al come like lightning and thun- der, and frikeboth together. Again, it is a Spiritualenemy,becaufe it fightethagainf us in the flrength offin. Ì Ic