Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

16o Pfal. The pansof he Text. The Ghriflian.r ViElory, or, t ne three principal of tneie (ye snow) are commonly rec,.onea up to :,c. 1 nc De. vil, the world, and the Flefh. But the Apoftle telleth us of a fourth, which he cal. Lech our /aft enemy, the enemy which (hall ]aft ofall affault us, the ocher will leave affaulting us, when we are in this world; this, when we are leaving the world, truftesech up his forces againft us : Sometimes holding us long play, as the houle of David did the houfe of Saul, till our ftrength bewafted and fpent; fometimes dit. pinching us with a fndden ftroke,as Abfalom did Amnon, when our hearts are mer- ry within us. This enemy, Death, the veryfound of his name, is like the name of Honiades to the Turks, dreadful to fame ; the very dreamof it dreadful, as Nebo. chadnezzarsdreamwas to him, it tronbled him,and the Image ofit,m4dehim tress- ble and quake. But though thehearing of an enemy may caule difturbance; yet vsithal,tohear that this enemy is overcome and dellrayed, the news of that may shear us. Behold, this is the news that the Tex bunged). It telleth us of an enemy indeed, but it telleth us withal of the deferueti.in of this enemy. Death is the common enemy ofman- kind ; It is our laß enemy, we may think it none of the la it, became is is the /all: Yet here. is thedellruc`tion of it, Oh thou enemy, thydeft ruaion (hall come to aper- petualend, It is already dellroying, and as it is the loll, to acthe lait it Shallbe de.. (frayed. Thole are the two points that I ans to treat of ; of an enemy,andof the deftruétfoss of this enemy. The enemy is Death, and the loll enemy ( as the Text calleth ic) the laflthat (hall affault us. In that ye may note two things: is Quality, and ICs Rank, Obfer. r. Death isan Enemyy. Fiat what kind of Enemy Death is; whaieind of . Enemy. C Common 7 Fir(t its Nature andQuality, An Enemy: Secondly, its Orderand Rank; in whatrank it is Fyled,not in the Fore-front of the battel, but itcometh behind in the Reer, it cometh in the end of the Army( when allother enemies have given over) and fetteth upon usat the latt. Secondly, here is the deftru/tion of the enemy, that is the Mil and Honeyof the Text. Death though'it be an enemy, though it be a killingenemy, it thall not be a conquering enemy. He that fubdueth all our enemies for us, will in time fuMoe them to us. Andwho he is,the Apo(tle catchyou in the verfebefo e theTex - ", Chrifl our Lord, Ha (hallreign till he bath pat dawnallbis enemies underhis feet : An:. as alt His, fo all ours too ; both thofe that are enemies c, him, and to r is death. Among the reff,he will deftroy that alto ; As it is the lafl, wish which we (hall be affauittd;fo is is thelafi that be-de/lraye4. There are three points of obfervationwe have here lying before us. F irft, that Death le an Enemy. Secondly, that Death is our loftEnemy. Thirdly, that asDeathaffaulteth uslift, fo at lafl itfhal/be deflrayed. I begin with the firft of thefe, That Death is anEnemy. Ano an Enemy indeed is is ; one of the Devils regiment. The Devil he is the General of the Army : WI e s he brought fin into the world, he brought Death into theworld. Sin draws De,ab af- ter it, as theNeedle draws theThread. Firft Iwill (hew ye what kind of Enemy it is. Secondly, wherein it appeareth to be an Enemy. )Secret Enemy. Spiritual Continual Fir(t