Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

Conque/i o1'ei. Deaths Enmity. i 63 be an aillietion and vexation, whenneither the body can longer retain the fleecing foul, or the foul longer fuflain thedrooping body. Therefore inrefpea of thisalfo, Death being the caute of this, no marvail though Nature rehiebate; and we lookupon it ason the Face of an Enemy, Thirdly, The horrour of the Grave : the men of darkaefd , as Job calleth it : I. The Grave. the place ofoblivion, We pie offlinch and rottennefs ; thisis another thing that Na- cure ihnnkethand relubt, at. For there we mullbury out of our fight, that chat once was the delight ofour eyes, as Ezekiel raid by his wife. And though it werenever Ezék.sç 16; fo Iovely before; yet it gsickly becometh loathfomt. Our Beds muffbe made in darknefs ; where barupeién andwarm,, mull be theMattrefs-and Coverled , to lie under us, and fpread overus ; Than (halt (ay to Corruption, thou art my Father, ind to thewoem, thou art my Mviher, and mySifler. That body of thine, that God Ira. 14.11. in thewomb fomonderfugly made, that thouall thy life-time (peradventure) haft de- licately çhen(Ned, lapped in Silk , in Fur, pampered with tweet Wines, Death as a proud Tyrant will fec hisfoot upon and throw thee down to the horrid Dungeon, where thy fit fh ;ha If Put rifie,and thy bones rot, and the beauty of it (though Wine- time it Were as the Rofe and the Lilly of the Field) (hall Coon become as loathfome as the dung in theflreets. This i ano her thing that makes the ficeof Death dread- ful and terrible; whenwe think of fueh privations and annihilations as there. that we fhallcooreftom a Seeing tonoB ing. There cannot but make Death look with the faceof an Enemy. . Fotirthly , The1oß and depr:vatios of all worldly ionte»trrients and worldly 4. Lofa of imployments: that is_ another thing that makes Death terrible and fearful co us. woddlycon- p Y tentmenta an Look whatfoever contentmentwe took in any thing here, we mull bid is farewel aftioni. then. Farewel toall, to profits, and pleafures, and honours, we ?hall carry none of them assay with us ; None of Our pomp andglory ¡ball defcend after tee, as the Pfal.gyi. Pfalmi/i faith. Farewel to all the gold an4 flyer we have gathered together, toall thegoodly lands we have purchafed, o all the (latelyhoules we have built, to all thepleafant Gardens and Orchards we have planted, to all the ("ports and pa- fimes wehave had, to all ourmerry conforts we have kept company with, to all our Jewels and Wardrobe, toour dancing, and feafling, andmufrck e Death pullethus from allthefe, and layeth us level with the Duff ; It mingleth (hovels and Scepters together ; It makes rich and poor, the Prince and the Peafant alike ; r fhall fee Ifa;i.ti, man no more. All relations we have now, (hall be brokenoff then, between Hus- band and VVife,Parentsand Children, Mallerand Servants, Neighbour and Neigh- bour,Friend and Friend; we (hall dwell art with our (elves, and not fo much as (hake handsone withanother. All thefervicesand imployments we are cook towith here, (hall ceafe then; there (hall be no frequ :acing of the 'Eschange, no exerciing of Trade, nobearing of Of- fice, noworhi-g in our calling. Death is thenight that nomancanworktn; and Death is the placeofPence, where all affairsare cut off : Where there is no work , nor invention, nor wi/dom,nor counfel, as Solomon faith in We Book of the Preacher. Oh faith good Hezekiah, I (ballfee the Lordno more in the Land of the living. There :ono more fervice tobe donc to the Lord, nor no more in the Church, in that 'nannerastcis now ; there is noevrcile ofReligion,no Word, noSacraments, no Failing, no Alms, noPreac hing, noPrayer, noConfeffìan and chankfgivine. The Corfe.eannor peaje thee, the Grave cannot give thanks, they that down into the Pfa),6: pit cannot hanoar fhee. Oh (Beloved) how careful and active, and vigilant, and diligent (honld chis mikeus eo be (when we confider it)for thewell improvingof chat time that we have lent unto us, and for thewell. dcfcharging ofthole places, and offices, and duties that á v arenow laid upon us ; Conftdcring that Death osan Enemy that will cut us offfrom all our affairs, and bereave. us of all opportunitiesof receiving,or doing, or perform- ing anyfervice toGod at all, eitherin ChurchorCommon-wealth. ç: Confcience Fifthly and Wily, Cosfcienceof fin, and certaintyof judgement,anduncertainty offin, andcm- of falvation (for brevities fake I put them together) there things come alongwith minty ¡Windt. meatand nn_ Death, and make theface ofDeath terrible and fearful, cctnintyof Y 2 Confcience falvation.