Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

6+ e11 Ghrißian.f Yidory, or, Lonfcrente ffin nits of all. For Sin it it thefling of Death. And which of us is there that Both not armDeath with that Ring P Who can reflesl on the paffages of his Ife, but he (hall find it as full of fin as the Leopard offpots. We find nothing in tin m,w )Ut obladation and delight, and therefore we hide it under our tongue, and hugg it in oit'ho(omcs. Oh brat when Death cometh once , it thrufleth thefe things out, and oh the hotrour and angui(h that the poorconfcience is tormented and made to fmart with. .gain, withconfcicnceoffin, certaintyof fudgment; that is another dreadful Beb.9a7 Arrow in Deaths Quiver, Afrer Death comet/a 3odgement. Aedr(muflall appear a Cot s. O. before the Judgmentfeat of Chrif6, to receive according to what we have done in our bodies. Firf}, theparrcular judgement that paffeth upon the foul, it (hall never be rcverff, for as the Tree falleth, fo it lieth. And then the General Judgemtnt , when the Body and Scul 11 all both be wraped up in the famecondemnation. Oh who 1fa.33.I4. can dwell with devouring fire ? with rbofe everlafliny burnings? And then billy, Theuncertainty ofoar future elate. For how many thoufands be there that die, that cannot tell what becomethof themwhen they die , but they muff l ng that Farewell to their fouls as Adrian to his, Mypoor waadrirg foul, wit_ ther art thougoing ? What willbecome ofthee? Death then being accompanied with ouch an Army ofTerroursas thefe,theApofle might well call it,asit isin the Text, an Enemy. That is thefirfl thing. Secondly, We are co confider how it is called the lafl Enemy. Why Death For two reafons; Fir(l,becaufe it is the lafb that (hallaffault us. So Cajetan. called thehit Secondly, becaule it is the loft that [hall be deflrayed. So the common (Cream of Eoemy' Interpreters. üccaufit is It is the lafl enemy that lhall affaulc us. And here I have to note two things; thelaft that hail aflault s',/ Fir(l, That while we live in the World, wehave more Enemies in the World. For Therefore we when thereareforce Taff, there mull be others going before. IfDeathbe the laflenemy, have mote there areCome others betide. I, we Ave fo (Godkhoweth) Enemies on every fide_; Enemies then without us, within us. Death. The Devil. The Devil he is an Enemy to us, and vollies of tentation he bath to difcharge agais(l us. So many tentations, lo manyEnemies. The world. The World is an Enemy to us : An Enemy when it feemeth a Friend ; when it Ìmileth is betrayeth, it kiffeth and killeth. On the right hand it hash Profpericy to allure ; on the left hand Adverfr:ytoaffright ; inevery corner, wicked Counsel, and Company, andExamples to feduce and infnareur. TheFlefh. l.affly, Our own Flefh is an Enemy. It is a ferpent we carry incur hofomes. The Devil is a Serpent in Hell,the World is a Serpent in our hand, the Flefh is a Ser- pent in our hofome, we carry is with us where ever we go, it is a connatutal, cor- corpat ate Enemy. All o'ir other enemies could dous no hurt, if it were not for chat ; if the Enemy that cobabitech with us, did not combine againfl us. Know (who ev r thou art) there is no Enemy like thy Pelf ; thy Celf is the worfl Enemy of all, All the fnarks that flit out ofSathans Engines, could never Tinge-a bait of ourheads, ifour Flefh were not as Tinder. All the windsthat blow in the four Corners of the World, could not make fhipwracjk of us, if our Flefh were not a treacherous Pilot. Death (that gnaweth the thread ofour foul and body afunder) could not feparate them, or them fromGod, if the net-1Ydid notwhet the teeth of it, and sharpen it with a fling. So then we fee, we have a great many enemies more to encounter us betides Death, Tome without, Comewithin: Therefore how fhouldthis teach us circumfpedl walk- ing? to behave our (elves wifely in every thing, as David when he knew Saul was his Enemy, and had an eye upon him to do himmifchief. How fhould it teach Pfal.sy.rr: us to pray with David, Lard teachme thy way, and leadme in the right path, be- cattle of mine enemy? That is one thing I have to note. Therefore Again, Another thing I have tonote; IfDeath be the loft Enemy, then in all likely to be probability it is like to be the wort. Of the Devils Regiment it is, (I told you be. the won enc. fore) He is the General of the Army. And (beloved) believe it, the Devil is very my. politick and fubcile, in mar(halhnghisforces, be will not place his bell Souldiersin e